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Christmas 101: diy beauty on a budget

Christmas means a lot of parties and a lot of pictures, so it’s time to get your glam on!

But with a big chunk of your budget tied up in presents and nights out, money is pretty tight. Below are some beauty saviours that will give you a gorgeous glow without breaking the bank.

Sugar Scrubs

Lots of Christmas nights out can mean lots of tanning, which can leave your skin looking patchy and flaky.  In order to keep you keep your skin exfoliated and tanning ready, you need look no further than your kitchen!  Simply grab a lemon and some sugar and you have a readymade exfoliator. Mix together one cup of sugar and ¾ cup of lemon juice. The granules in raw the sugar will scrub away the tan. Rub the mixture over your skin and leave it to sit for a few minutes. After, rinse off with warm water and your skin will be glowing and ready to go.


Although you may like sipping a festive drink your skin doesn't. Alcohol dehydrates you and leaves your skin dry, grey and dull. To ensure your skin glows despite the endless supply of alcohol over the Christmas aim to drink two litres of water every day.  This will flush out skin-sapping toxins and give you a natural glow.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil (specifically extra virgin coconut oil) is cheap as chips and it does EVERYTHING.   Seriously it’s so multifunctional and it works. It’s a fantastic way to keep your skin and hair soft, healthy and supple. You can use put it to good use this Christmas using it as a hair mask, lip balm, cleanser, moisturiser, body moisturiser, on your cuticles or slather it all over your face and leave on for thirty minutes as a mask before your next party.

Hot water and lemon

Lemons and warm water are raved about by models, and for good reason!  A great source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium – minerals and antioxidants they can improve the appearance and condition of our hair, skin and nails. Squeezing some lemon into some warm water every morning this Christmas will give you some serious benefits.  The levels of Vitamin C will give your skin a radiant, smooth appearance, it also acts as a detox for both our skin and body helping to keep your skin clear and tackle any bloating as an added benefit. It helps to detox the liver and is a top tip for tackling dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate!  However these benefits only apply to dark chocolate that is at least 70% or over unfortunately so we can’t have all of the chocolate in aid of beauty. Sigh!  But back to the dark stuff, researchers have found that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish the skin.  Flavonoids found in dark chocolate absorb UV light, acting as a natural SPF for your skin, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin, and improve skin’s hydration and complexion. Additionally dark chocolate has been found to reduce stress hormones thus helping keep us happy despite the festive hangovers.