Healthy Body

Beat the stress and achieve success: back-to-college health tips!

There is a neglected link between physical activity and reducing stress in the eyes of most young students. Regular exercise will not only affect your physical appearance and general health but your mental health will in turn benefit. Many young students suffer from depression, anxiety and stress throughout their time in college. Exercise and physical activity provide you with a clear and focused mind, an invaluable asset in tackling long days studying, late nights out and part time work.

Exercise and happiness

Exercise releases what experts call endorphins, a chemical in your body that makes you happy. It would be rude not to release the happy chemical that will relieve us from the assignment, exam, work or social commitment stress of the week.  

Exercising doesn't necessarily mean wearing lycra and going to the gym – a 30-minute walk once a day will genuinely do you the world of good. If you are interested in a particular activity there are sports clubs and societies for almost everything and will subsequently help you to meet new people and make friends. Whatever your style, the introduction of physical activity into your college routine over the first couple of weeks back will prove to be a game changer, undoubtedly equipping you to combat the pressures and stress and may arise throughout the year.


In addition to exercise, getting good night’s sleep and eating a balanced diet will prove effective in reducing stress and improving academic performance. Getting eight or nine hours sleep a night is crucial in improving concentration as well as leaving you in an overall better mood for the day. Eating junk food tends to increase food cravings, produce negative implications for your skin, hair and nails and decrease you vital energy levels. 

Good eating habits

Sticking to a balanced diet may appear challenging to on a student budget, but you will be surprised: freezing pre-cooked meals proves cost affective as well avoiding the temptation to eat out. Skipping breakfast is bad and common habit with so many. It is essential to eat a hearty breakfast such as porridge to kickstart your day. Pack healthy snacks to keep you going during the day. Apples can in fact provide you with an energy boost equal to that of a cup of coffee. Bananas, granola bars and popcorn are also substantial and cheap snacks to keep handy during the day. Mental strain (studying, exam pressure, stress) can be just as exhausting as physical activity, it is crucial you fuel your body correctly.

Moderation is key

It is very important to ensure you are not burning the candle at both ends but rather sticking to the over used yet accurate statement; everything in moderation. Achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle is difficult but certainly doable and there is no reason a student budget should stand in your way of reaching a healthy lifestyle.