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App of the week: my fitness pal


It can be both tiring and time consuming to commit to an app that will shadow your every bite of food throughout the day. However with the right motivation, accessibility and organization it can become a regular part of your routine with minimal effort.

My Fitness Pal is available on a range of devices from Android phones, to tablets and computers. The app is free to download and it can be synched with up to thirty other applications to make the users journey to fitness that bit easier. It is widely known that food journals are extremely effective and can double weight loss with prolonged use. This app couldn’t be more simple to integrate into a busy lifestyle, all you need is a phone or computer on hand.

My Fitness Pal operates like an electronic food diary. Upon signing up, you will be asked your weight, height, gender and target weight loss. Your calorie limit will then be calculated and set as your target each day. An estimate weight loss will appear for users to check their progress. By updating your weight every so often you can also keep tabs on your diet.

Once the initial setup is done, you can begin tracking every food you eat. My Fitness Pal has an entire database include in the app which can calculate the calories of any food you insert. If your food is not listed, then simply allow the app to use your camera and scan the barcode. Savvy? I think so. If it is simply your health you wish to use this app for, it also calculates how much vitamins and minerals you have consumed during the day. By far, this is the easiest year I have kept my new years resolution to stay healthy and fit, and it is all thanks to My Fitness Pal.

That is not all, you can also log any exercise you have done during the day. Whether it be cardio or weights, the calories burnt per minute is calculated and deducted from your ‘calorie allowance’ so to speak.

My advice before trying this app is to be honest with yourself.You do not have to show anybody your progress. Be truthful with your weight, be realistic with your targets and try not to be hard on yourself after a bad day. All that matters is how you pick yourself back up again. Also, buy a weighing scales to measure ingredients, it will make My Fitness Pal far easier to manage.

Although labourious at first, at my fourth week of this app, I barely notice the time it takes to input my meals.

The app stores your recently used food and you can also save meals to make it easier for future entries. Chain restaurants such as McDonalds, chipper food, Starbucks coffees and so on are all included in My Fitness Pal.

There is no food you can escape from logging here.

It is very easy to use, most of the logging occurs on the one screen so there is very little loading time. With a point 4.6 rating on the Google Play store and my personal rating of five stars, My Fitness Pal is an easy win.