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Alternative exercise – trampolining

Trampoline fitness is not only a quick way to tighten, tone and build core strength, it can also shred calories and boost cardio as effectively as going for a run – without the stress on your joints.

If you’re bored of your normal exercise routine of walking, running or your repetitive gym regime and want to put some bounce into your workout, why not check out a trampoline fitness class at Jump Zone in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.

You are in for a completely unique and cutting edge experience as Jump Zone is a 20,000 square foot facility and is the first indoor trampoline park in Europe.

Classes are one hour at €10 per class and well worth it. Although a challenging workout, it’s fun and different and definitely worth a try.

If a fitness class doesn’t appeal to you, Jump Zone cater for group events, dodgeball games and open jump sessions to do your own thing – a perfect activity for a class outing that isn’t drinking!

Trampolining is the most effective aerobic and cardiovascular exercise for the whole body, 68% more efficient than jogging. According to NASA, a 10-minute session provides benefits equivalent to a half hour run.

Trampoline exercise takes up to 80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints. If you have suffered any form of joint related injury, trampoline fitness may be what you’re looking for.

Winter is on the way and the last thing you want to do is be out for a run in the bitter cold. When you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, why not warm up on a cold evening and bounce your way to better health.

A guaranteed fun and intense workout.