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7 ways to keep cool in the heatwave

Seeing as the Irish heatwave is going to return as the week goes on (and is predicted to last well into August), here are seven ingenious ways to keep yourself cool when the temperatures become absolutely unbearable.

Sleep with a sheet

There is nothing worse than struggling to sleep in this heat, especially when it drains every bit of energy out of you. You’re left wide awake in bed, sweating like a mad thing as you watch the minutes on your alarm clock flick by. Banish your duvet to the hot-press for the time-being and replace it with a sheet.

Put your pillow in the fridge

If you haven’t filled up your fridge with cans and BBQ food, then slip your pillow in for the day. Heat is released through your hands, face and feet around the time of sleep onset and usually starts to cool until around 4am. If anything prevents a decrease in temperature then the quality of sleep is reduced. Keeping your pillow in the fridge can help this.

Also, wear loose-fitting nightclothes instead of sleeping in the nip. Natural fabrics draw moisture away from your skin.

Moist pillow

If you are too tired because of the heat, but too hot to sleep, wet a facecloth and use it as a pillow for your mid-day nap. If the temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, then you can upgrade to a towel and use it as a blanket.

Eat salads instead of hearty stews

Now is not the time to be sweltering over a pot. Wash some crisp, fresh vegetables in cool water and eat them in salads. Eat them with bread, cold meats and cheese. Mmmm, refreshing.


If you feel dizzy and suffer from headaches in the warm weather then chances are you’re dehydrated. Tea and coffee are mild diuretics (makes you want to pee) so you’ll have to increase your water intake. Alcohol (as we all know from experience) makes you need to urinate twice as bad – so if you’re knocking back the beer/cocktails in the sun, be sure to drink more water. Plus it will supposedly help with the hangover. [URL]

Hot mint, cold water

If you chew a really hot mint and down some ice cold water immediately afterwards, you’ll feel like you’re on a mountain top. But this cooling method might have the undesired effect of making your eyes going into watering overload.


This is usually used to stop the cat is up to too much divilment, but fill up an empty spray bottle with cold water and give yourself a blast of it when the sun becomes too much.