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6 rules for wonderful winter skin

Is there anything worse than the look of foundation sitting on flaky skin? Or the whip of storm Barney’s blow on your tight, chapped lips?

Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do in the battle between winter and our skin, the cold always wins. Well this year we say no more! have compiled a list of everything you need to do to get that baby soft feeling and J-Lo glow.
Drink plenty of water
To sum up the science of it all, when the temperature drops the water in your body is drawn away from your skin, towards your core, in order to keep warm. 
To ensure you have enough water in your body to do this and hydrate your skin, you may have to drink more in the winter. Turns out our mums were right when they said beauty starts from within.
So now you’re drinking plenty of water, you don’t feel tight or dry, but you still look it, huh? Exfoliate! All that could be stopping you from rocking that baby soft look is a build-up of old, dry cells that need a little help moving (gross, we know).
Moisturise at the correct time
We’re not talking 3am versus 8pm here, we’re talking straight after washing, shaving and/or exfoliating. Moisturizing after washing traps the water left on your skin, giving yourself a double layer of hydration –  it’s a win, win! 
Exfoliating and shaving both strip the layer of natural oils on your skin, but by moisturising afterwards you replenish the layer until your body is able to do so itself.
Keep your moisturising routine consistent
It can be tempting to put three layers of your favourite cream on when you’re particularly dry, but don’t. All this does is mess up your skin’s pH balance, causing breakouts. You’re better off sticking to a consistent routine and your skin will adapt accordingly.
Use a moisturising shampoo
Because falling white flakes are only cute when they’re made of snow.
Don’t forget the rest of your body
I’m talking about moisturising and exfoliating. Yes it’s extra work, and yes it’s hard to find the time, but patchy tan is not a good look and you know it.