Healthy Body

6 food myths – exposed!

Think you know everything about dieting and healthy eating? Aisling Curtis reveals some of the food's biggest myths!

Fat-free food is calorie-free

Most people get caught out by this one. Who hasn't ordered a Diet Coke thinking it's better than its fat-filled friend? People eat “fat-free” food in the hopes that it'll help them lose weight, often eating more of it than they would of its fatty counterpart. Plus a rake of chemicals and sugars are added to these foods to maintain the taste, often meaning it can be worse for you.

Salads are always good for you

While you might feel healthy chowing down on a few greens every once in a blue moon, not all salads are created equal. Studies on McDonalds’ new “healthy” salads suggest they have a seriously high salt and fat content – so high, actually, that the Big Mac has less salt.

Protein gives you muscles

Those people who are all about “dem gains” advertise packing as much protein into your daily meals as you possibly can. Actually, we get most of the protein we need from simply eating a balanced diet, and studies recently have shown that giving bodybuilders extra protein didn’t actually do anything at all.

Fresh fruit is best

Unless you’re really looking for Vitamin C – in which case, fresh is the way to go – dried fruit contains the same amount of nutrients and sugar for energy, and one tablespoon equals one of your five a day. Five tablespoons, your five-a-day and you’re golden.

Carbs make you fat

No, thank God. This one is not true. Carbs don’t somehow magically make you retain fat – unless you happen to be overeating anyway. Any food in excess will automatically cause you to gain some excess, and whether it’s bread or butter isn’t going to make much of a difference.

Fast food is the devil

Lucky for us, it’s not all bad. No need to swear off chicken nuggets for the rest of your life – with a balanced diet, fast food after every now and again isn’t going to kill you.