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5 ways to beat the winter cold

For a fair chunk of you, this will be your first winter away from home, without someone to constantly remind you to take a jacket and wrap up.

For an even larger chunk of us in second, third, and fourth year, we still need reminding, coming from a second year on day three of an outrageous head cold.

So, here are a few tips for keeping warm and healthy over the cold snap…

1. Keep your body temperature regulated

If you come inside, take off a layer. If you’re going outside, add a layer. Having three or four layers is no good if you’re going from hot to cold and don’t add another. Simple!

2. Avoid having the heater on while you’re asleep

Not only does it waste electricity, but it’ll make you too warm while you sleep, causing you to sweat and then lay in that dampness for hours. Not good. Same with hot water bottles, take them out of your bed before you fall asleep.

3. Health and comfort before fashion

Get a good winter coat that will actually keep you warm and dry, especially if you live off campus and have to walk. Know your bus routes for any necessary trips to town or shopping centres, avoiding walking in the rain at all costs.

4. If you're dyin'…

If you do get sick or suffer an injury, know the supports available on-campus. Due to high demand at student health services (feckin' STIs), you might be waiting for an appointment for a week, depending on the severity of your illness. 

Make sure that your symptoms warrant a call to avoid looking stupid when you walk in for your appointment fit as a fiddle.

5. Common sense

Buy a scarf, a hat and a pair of gloves. Drink tea, coffee and drinking chocolate like they’re water. Buy a thermal flask to save money buying hot drinks on campus. Have warm dinners like soup or stews. Don’t leave windows open for too long, or late at night. If you’re walking somewhere outside of the city after 5pm, wear a reflective jacket so you can be seen. Leave the short skirts at home for a few weeks, or wear thick leggings under.

Got any tips of your own? Comment below!