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5 ways to be vegetarian on a budget

In many ways, vegetarians are far healthier than their meat eating counterparts. Despite experiencing an onslaught of depression if caught downwind of sizzling bacon, they do face other issues.

Least healthy is the state of the vegetarian’s pocket. But with some careful planning, this diet does not have to be so expensive.

Stock up your pantry

While many low-rent flats don’t boast bountiful cupboard space, stocking up the pantry can pay off. Assume the end is nigh, and grab all the tinned and dried foods that you can.

Kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils are all very useful to have loitering in your cupboards, as they can be used in a variety of meals and contain that all essential protein.

Buy from markets

It’s remarkable just how much money you can save by skipping across from your local supermarket to a more humble fruit and veg shop.

Buying loose foods may save you money as you only need purchase what you need.

Also, remember that seasonal foods are always cheaper, so try and work them into your diet if possible.

Hit the books

Investing in cook books can spice up your diet and open you up to a new world of food. You can pick up a lot of cookery books in charity shops for cheap or, blow the dust off your library book and check their stocks.

Expanding your culinary knowledge will make it far easier to organise your meals and minimize your shopping list.

Avoid “faux” meat

Meat substitute products are a lazy solution to bulking up your diet.

Unless mammy is willing to chip in for the weekly shop, avoiding them is wise. Besides, you don’t need a BA in Rocket Science to make your own version. Wholesome burgers can be made from kidney beans, bolognaise from red lentils – the world is your “faux” oyster.

Be a savvy shopper

Take advantage of reduced-price items! These are nothing to turn up your nose at, and anything that you won’t use immediately can be frozen and used at a later date.

Check your local supermarket in the late evening and nab yourself a culinary bargain.