Stay Healthy

8 Steps To Make Yourself Feel Better

Everyone needs a little TLC every now and then – and who said it shouldn’t come from you? Being kind and gentle to yourself will go a long way. After all, you can only control your own actions, so you may as well make sure you treat yourself the best you can. From napping to eating to simply washing your hair, here are a few simple things that might help perk up your day:

1. Shut off

Close your bedroom door, turn on some music or your favourite show to binge on Netflix, and just forget about everything for a little while. When you’re having a stressful or a bad day, it can be worth it to spend some time removing yourself from whatever is bothering you. Give yourself a break and you’ll feel the benefit of it.

2. Replenish yourself

Think back on your day; when was the last time you ate? Drank some water? Did you get much sleep last night? Our body functions best when it’s filled up with all the good stuff, so make sure you keep it full and hydrated. Sometimes the cause of a niggling headache is dehydration or hunger.

3. Cry it out

Have a good cry. I find tears are magical things; once they’re shed, you feel instantly better. A weight has been lifted – whether big or small. When words aren’t enough for what you want to express, let your emotions do the talking.

4. Time for some pampering

A shower, fresh pyjamas, maybe even a hair treatment – wash the day’s energies off you so you can start fresh tomorrow. Fresh and clean!

5. Treat yourself

Get that takeaway you’ve been dying for, or cook your favourite dish that will fill you up. Making your stomach smile is one step closer to making yourself smile.

6. Turn to your friends

Maybe you don’t want to tell them you’re struggling with something, or you simply feel like you can’t. Consider sending a text or a message telling them that you’re not feeling great – you don’t have to specify if you don’t want to – and that you need their help. They want to listen – that’s their job.

7. Look out for signs

If you’re finishing your days feeling lower than you started, or find yourself feeling a little more emotional than usual, have a look to see if there are any signs that may be causing you to feel this way. If you are struggling to pinpoint something that is making you feel this way, consider talking to a professional.

8. Time to talk

Sometimes all these steps don’t do anything. And that’s okay. Sometimes we need help from people who specialise in exactly that – helping. If you need to talk to someone, you can find a list of people who will be ready and waiting to listen to you here.