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5 Mistakes We’ve All Made on A Night Out

Some of the best night are are spontaneous, and some are meticulously planned. Despite our very best intentions, all the planning in the world could not prevent us from making these common mistakes. So here are the top five mistakes we’ve all made on a night out.

Forgetting the keys 

Everyone and their mother has done this. You’ve had a great night out with the girls, until of course you pull up outside the house, stick your hand into your bag and realise you’re keys are so close yet so far; beyond the front door and on your dresser.

Now at this point you’ve thought of several different ways of getting back into the house without waking anyone, but decided that climbing in the sitting room window is not the safest move.

The last and only option is to call your parents or housemates. Rightfully so, you’re met with a scathing and croaky “i’ll be down now”. THE SHAME.

Make sure your phone is always charged before you head out so you can always call a Plan B if necessary!

Making empty promises 

I am unintentionally notorious for this. In the spirit of a good night out I’ll promise to meet an old colleague for a coffee next week or to keep in touch with that girl who shared her deodorant with me in the loo. There’s something about the celebratory nature of a good night out that brings out the optimist in me.

Missing the last bus home 

Us students are limited in what we can spend on a night out so if there’s any chance I can get the last bus i’m definitely gonna grab it. However, too many times I’ve been having far too much to leave, lost track of time and ultimately ending up paying over twenty quid for a taxi that I just do not have.

Before the fun starts, organise a safe way home for you and your friends. The simple “meet at the front door” plan can ensure you all get home safe!

Not keeping track of your alcohol intake 

Keeping track of the number of drinks you have is really important in preventing intoxication. The body can only process one standard drink per hour, which is one small glass of wine (100ml) or a half pint of beer (284ml).

Sure, we all love to have a drink but what’s worse than waking up the following day with a thumping headache, followed by  the text from your best mate saying “I can’t BELIEVE what you did last night.”

Pacing yourself and drinking water between drinks will prevent hangovers from hell.

Bringing out the bank card 

This is possibly the biggest mistake you can make. When the card comes out with me, I’ll always spend a fortune on late night snacking with the worlds sloppiest kebab. If I have my card I won’t bother with the bus, I’ll opt a taxi instead.

Having a set amount of money on your nights out will help you to keep within your budget and will ensure you have enough money to get you through the rest of the week.



Are you going out this weekend?

Head over to the Stay Yourself website for helpful hints on tips for a great night out.

Not drinking too much on a night out and pacing yourself can be the difference between being OK and KO’d.

Always remember to Stay Yourself!