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Everything You Need To Know About Contraception

A recent Irish survey found that one third of couples were using the withdrawal method as their form of contraception. In the same research, 25% used condoms as their only contraception and 19% were

What Is Consent?

Over the past year accusations of sexual harassment, assault and rape have flooded out of Hollywood and surrounded prominent figures such as Kevin Spacey, Louis CK and most notably Harvey Weinstein.

Masturbation's Journey To Acceptance

There is a long and meaty history behind masturbation that many of you are probably not aware of. We’ve all heard the stories about those who do so at the risk of going fully blind. However,

In Appreciation of Kim K's Honesty About Her Pregnancy Struggles

The latest member of the rapidly expanding Kardashian clan was born on January 15 to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The excited parents revealed her name, Chicago West, shortly after her birth and

Detox Tea: The Latest Diet Trend

Every once in a while, new diets and weight loss techniques become popular and create a bandwagon mentality, whereby everyone is trying out the latest way to get fit and healthy and lose some weight.

7 Ways To Beat The Post-Holiday Funk

While some of us are already thinking about assignment deadlines, others are seeing the snow falls in their hometown turning into rain. The one thing we are all sharing in early January is this sense