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9 mind-blowing facts about Disney movies

By Robert Morrissey , Thursday 24th April, 16:52
Robert Morrissey

So you call yourself a Disney movie buff? Well then Disney fanatics, lets see if any of these facts gathered by those hype-hungry journos and bloggers at Buzzfeed shock you.

Some of the interesting facts are that no Disney princess - apart from Frozen’s Elsa who is 21 - have been over the age of 21.  Some musical cuts are also mentioned, along with the revelation that Aladdin’s looks were based on Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise.

See for yourself in the video below!


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Last time the Rossmeister was on The Gaiety Theatre stage, he was coming to terms with Renard’s closing. Now it’s 2022 and there’s a new Tiger in town!

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is back with Breaking Dad and tickets for this hilarious must-see show of 2014 are now on sale. Breaking Dad is written by one of Ireland’s most popular writers, Paul Howard, who recently won his third award for the latest Ross O'Carroll-Kelly book, Downturn Abbey, which is currently riding high in the bestseller lists. 

8 favourite live covers

By Emily Bodkin , Thursday 24th April, 12:12
Emily Bodkin
Emily Bodkin picks some of her favourite live covers from the last couple of years.

A tradition amongst many musicians during their concert tours is to cover another artist's song to the delight of many screaming fans. John Mayer was no different last weekend on the Australian leg of his tour when he covered one of BeyoncĂ©’s hit ‘XO’ in his own crooning style.


WIN the Ultimate Exam Pack from Viking Direct

The exam season is quickly creeping up on us. Many of you are probably shoulder deep in study books and being given some final words of advice from lecturers about what questions to look out for. However, Viking Direct could be your ideal study aid this year, as they are giving away an ultimate exam pack. To be in with a chance of winning this Ultimate Exam Pack, just answer the simple question below!
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You should not underestimate the use of the word ‘ultimate’ when we refer to this great competition, as one lucky student will receive all of the following:


1 x Casio FX85GT Plus Scientific Calculator

With more than 260 functions and an easy-to-read Textbook display, even the most complex of equations will be solved with ease once you start tapping away on your new Casio FX85GT Plus Scientific Calculator.


Exam tips that got me through college

By Bebhinn Lernihan , Wednesday 23rd April, 21:00
Bebhinn Lernihan
As the good weather sets in, temptation looms. Who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon eating a Mr Whippy and pretending that it's summer?

Study sucks, but it has to be done. Here is a quick guide for studying for those dreaded exams this May.

1. Make a timetable that you can stick to. Have one large copy on your wall at home so you know when you’re leaving in the morning exactly what you need for the day; remember to keep one with you in college so you don’t go off track.


Networking for students

By Kay Kinsella , Wednesday 23rd April, 15:09
Kay Kinsella

For many, networking can sound intimidating. Students especially can often see it as something reserved for the older generation of business people, who attend conferences and other professional events.

However the sooner you start your networking, the better, as it is an integral part to building a successful career. In business, it is all about who you know and networking opens the door to job opportunities you may otherwise miss, which is why it is so important.


Make green tea your drink of choice during exams

By Emily Bodkin , Wednesday 23rd April, 11:32
Emily Bodkin

Make Green Tea Your Drink of Choice During Exams

Tea-drinking is an integral part of being Irish. It’s a ritual in virtually most Irish households that when a guest arrives you promptly offer them cup of tea. And if you don’t have any teabags left, well, then shame on you.

1.00 now offer discounts for home STI tests

In the midst of recent research released from UCC which showed that two thirds of students have never had a sexual health screening, will now offer discounts for home STI tests.

The test kits will be provided by Lloyds Online Doctor in collaboration with the Irish Family Planning Association, and offer a great alternative to students unable to pay high doctors costs, who may live rurally or who are not comfortable visiting the doctor for their sexual health.


Watch: Dogs amazed by magic!

By Robert Morrissey , Friday 18th April, 14:14
Robert Morrissey

Anyone with a dog (or the odd cat) will have done the “Where did the ball go?” trick with their pets before.

But video enthusiast and (dog) magician/mentalist Jose Ahonen has made a short clip where he hides dog treats instead, and leaves a bunch of bewildered pooches stumped about the whereabouts of the doggy treat.

Particular favourites include Tiasto, who storms off when the treat is gone. Salli barks furiously at Jose for losing/hiding the treat, while Torsti runs away in fear.


Which type of procrastinator are you?

By Danielle Stephens , Thursday 17th April, 16:28
Danielle Stephens

Exam season is in the air and it’s time to let that the hidden procrastinator in you comes out to play.

You might have tricked yourself into thinking you’re the world’s greatest studier, but it’s time to stop lying to yourself. Chances are you’ll see a bit of yourself in either one, or a few of these types of procrastinator:

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