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WIN tickets to Eli "Paperboy" Reed!

Reed plays Whelan's on April 24.
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Singer-songwriter Eli "Paperboy" Reed plays Whelan's on April 24 - and you could be there to catch the man in action!

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to the gig, simply tag a mate in the comments below.

Eli "Paperboy" Reed's new album, Nights Like This, is produced by Reed and his longtime collaborator Ryan Spraker. The record represents a sonic evolution beyond the singer's soulful roots, taking his affinity for classic R&B and blending it with the ebullience of modern pop music.

'Darkness Into Light' event to take place in Limerick this May

By Sarah O'Brien , Contributor
Wednesday 16th April, 18:37
Sarah O'Brien

Limerick's 'Darkness into Light' event will be taking place on Saturday, May 10 and was launched in conjunction with Electric Ireland at the Clarion Hotel in Limerick city.

The first Limerick 'Darkness into Light' campaign organised by Richard Lynch (ILOVELIMERICK.COM) back in 2010 was a great success. 

An estimated 30,000 people participated in the symbolic dawn walk across the country.


Man scares his girlfriend...22 times

By Conor McMahon , Editor
Monday 14th April, 14:48
Conor McMahon

So, you think your other half is mean? Take a look at what comedian Aristotle Georgson did to his poor girlfriend...

In this Vine compilation, he scares his girlfriend a whopping 22 times, catching her off-guard as she drives, puts on make-up and goes shopping for doughnuts (the last one has tragic consequences).

Take a look...


'Let It Go' parody for college students

By Conor McMahon , Editor
Monday 14th April, 14:13
Conor McMahon
Struggling to study for the upcoming summer exams? This video won't help.

If you're prone to chronic bouts of procrastination, then this student-friendly re-write of 'Let It Go' is your anthem.

The track, borrowed from the Disney movie Frozen, has been doing the internet rounds over the weekend.

We have to warn you, as soon as this infectious song gets stuck in your head, you'll have a hard time getting it out...

Happy "studying", everyone!


DIT student's photography project leads to local election bid

By Laura Larkin , Sexual health columnist
Monday 14th April, 08:01
Laura Larkin
A DIT student’s photography project has led to a local election bid.

DIT student Jenna Keane has launched a campaign for the Waterford local elections, not on the back of a deep seated affinity with politics, but because of a college project and a desire to put her city back on the map.


WIN a Beach Tour with Turf ‘n’ Surf!

You could be spending two days in Bundoran surfing the Atlantic Ocean, exploring sea cliffs and caves and land sailing along the golden beaches.
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We’ve teamed up with Turf ‘n’ Surf to give one lucky winner a Beach Tour for two any weekend in May!

The winner will spend two nights in the Turf ‘n’ Surf Lodge and can choose two of three activities: surfing, sea-kayaking and Blo-karting (land sailing). Transport from Dublin City Centre is included.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply tag a beach buddy in the comments below!

The Turf 'n' Surf Beach Tour is the perfect mini-break for the weekend warrior on a budget.

Sticking to their roots: Corner Boy

By Laura Flaherty , Contributor
Friday 11th April, 12:54
Laura Flaherty
Laura Flaherty catches up with Michael D'Arcy from Wexford band Corner Boy.

Having already appeared on the Late Late Show and looking forward to supporting big acts both in Ireland and abroad, Wexford natives Corner Boy have achieved huge success in the short time they’ve been together.Lead vocalist and guitarist Michael D'Arcy talks fame, fortune, and the importance of home.

Laura Flathery: Wexford seems to be a big theme with you and your songs, like 'Ghost Town City'. Why is that?


The 5 best Trinity College myths (that are probably true)

By Hannah Popham , Deputy Editor
Friday 11th April, 11:34
Hannah Popham
Hannah Popham takes us through the best age-old myths from Dublin's Trinity College and why there might just be a bit of truth to them...

Whether you’re highly superstitious or a hardened cynic, Trinity College Dublin boasts hundreds of years of history and odd goings on and it’s difficult to not come across the many myths that permeate it during your time there. Here are a few of my personal favourites.


How to avoid burnout this exam season

By Blathin de Paor , Contributor
Thursday 10th April, 22:30
Blathin de Paor
With exams only around the corner, Blathin shares some advice for those of you who are in danger of suffering from burnout.

The longer evenings may be a source of joy to most, but for many around the country they signal only one thing: exam time is coming.

At this time of year, exhausted students’ days consist of studying, cramming and coffee to get the last assignments finished and get ready for exams. 

With so much going on it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and trying to be healthy seems like just another thing to add to the list.  However if you're not careful, all this stress can lead to burn out.


Wallis Bird - taking flight

By Jenny Ní Ruiséil , Contributor
Thursday 10th April, 17:39
Jenny Ní Ruiséil
Speaking from her home in Wexford, Wallis Bird talks about the international inspirations behind her upcoming album Architect and talks of her excitement in the lead-up to her European tour, which kicks off in Dublin’s Academy on April 25.

Photo by Jens Oellermann

After three successful albums written and produced at home in Ireland, Bird decided to seek influence from elsewhere, writing and recording Architect in its entirety after making a “lifestyle change” and relocating to Berlin.

Jenny Ní Ruiséíl probed deeper to discover what factors influenced the change and ultimately the inspiration for the album.

Jenny Ní Ruiséil: What prompted you to move to Berlin? 


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