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Exam tips that got me through college

By Bebhinn Lernihan , Wednesday 23rd April, 21:00
Bebhinn Lernihan
As the good weather sets in, temptation looms. Who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon eating a Mr Whippy and pretending that it's summer?

Study sucks, but it has to be done. Here is a quick guide for studying for those dreaded exams this May.

1. Make a timetable that you can stick to. Have one large copy on your wall at home so you know when you’re leaving in the morning exactly what you need for the day; remember to keep one with you in college so you don’t go off track.


Make green tea your drink of choice during exams

By Emily Bodkin , Wednesday 23rd April, 11:32
Emily Bodkin

Make Green Tea Your Drink of Choice During Exams

Tea-drinking is an integral part of being Irish. It’s a ritual in virtually most Irish households that when a guest arrives you promptly offer them cup of tea. And if you don’t have any teabags left, well, then shame on you.

1.00 now offer discounts for home STI tests

In the midst of recent research released from UCC which showed that two thirds of students have never had a sexual health screening, will now offer discounts for home STI tests.

The test kits will be provided by Lloyds Online Doctor in collaboration with the Irish Family Planning Association, and offer a great alternative to students unable to pay high doctors costs, who may live rurally or who are not comfortable visiting the doctor for their sexual health.


Watch: Dogs amazed by magic!

By Robert Morrissey , Friday 18th April, 14:14
Robert Morrissey

Anyone with a dog (or the odd cat) will have done the “Where did the ball go?” trick with their pets before.

But video enthusiast and (dog) magician/mentalist Jose Ahonen has made a short clip where he hides dog treats instead, and leaves a bunch of bewildered pooches stumped about the whereabouts of the doggy treat.

Particular favourites include Tiasto, who storms off when the treat is gone. Salli barks furiously at Jose for losing/hiding the treat, while Torsti runs away in fear.


Which type of procrastinator are you?

By Danielle Stephens , Thursday 17th April, 16:28
Danielle Stephens

Exam season is in the air and it’s time to let that the hidden procrastinator in you comes out to play.

You might have tricked yourself into thinking you’re the world’s greatest studier, but it’s time to stop lying to yourself. Chances are you’ll see a bit of yourself in either one, or a few of these types of procrastinator:


'I am a United fan' - A total Kop-out

By Rob O'Hanrahan , Thursday 17th April, 16:14
Rob O'Hanrahan

I am a United fan, born in 1991. In other words, I'm a spoiled brat.

I've watched United win trophies and barely batted an eyelid. A year without a trophy is a novelty. I will bitch and moan about everything, and I expect United to win the Treble every year.

I will post annoying Twitter updates saying 'Believe' or bemoan some kind of refereeing decision that has 'cost us' the match.

I will provide amateur analysis clouded by 22 years of over-success.


Sick of studying? Enroll at Hogwarts instead

By Aisling Curtis , Thursday 17th April, 14:01
Aisling Curtis
Harry Potter fans have launched a new site for all you wizards and witches out there.

With a tonne of assignments and cramming to do, now probably isn’t the time when you want to start even more learning. Unless it’s Hogwarts learning, that is.

Fans of the Harry Potter series have launched a new site, Hogwarts is Here, offering a host of magical classes for “all aspiring witches and wizards” worldwide.


'Yves Saint Laurent' - a fascinating and intense love story

By Danielle Courtney , Thursday 17th April, 13:50
Danielle Courtney
Danielle reviews Jalil Lespert's Yves Saint Laurent.

If there's one thing that fashion and movies have most in common it's their cyclical nature. Just like the fashion industry can't leave something alone till it's died a painful death so too with cinema; one Snow White movie in a year wasn't enough, and the year of Coco Before Chanel, models and actresses were impersonating the style tycoon in boucle jackets and pearls in movies, short films and TV.


WIN tickets to Eli "Paperboy" Reed!

Reed plays Whelan's on April 24.
You must login to enter this competition.

Singer-songwriter Eli "Paperboy" Reed plays Whelan's on April 24 - and you could be there to catch the man in action!

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to the gig, simply tag a mate in the comments below.

Eli "Paperboy" Reed's new album, Nights Like This, is produced by Reed and his longtime collaborator Ryan Spraker. The record represents a sonic evolution beyond the singer's soulful roots, taking his affinity for classic R&B and blending it with the ebullience of modern pop music.

'Darkness Into Light' event to take place in Limerick this May

By Sarah O'Brien , Wednesday 16th April, 18:37
Sarah O'Brien

Limerick's 'Darkness into Light' event will be taking place on Saturday, May 10 and was launched in conjunction with Electric Ireland at the Clarion Hotel in Limerick city.

The first Limerick 'Darkness into Light' campaign organised by Richard Lynch (ILOVELIMERICK.COM) back in 2010 was a great success. 

An estimated 30,000 people participated in the symbolic dawn walk across the country.

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