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WIN 2x Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

We have TWO copies of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended (one Mac, one PC) to give away to two lucky students who can provide us with LOLs from their photo editing attempts...
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To be fair, being able to Photoshop yourself into a picture chilling out on the red carpet with Jennifer Lawrence is a bit of a necessary life skill these days. All of us in think that all students should have access to the wonderfully entertaining program Adobe Photoshop so that pictures like this can be made:


Microsoft launch Surface Pro 3

By , Thursday 28th August, 13:02
Technology giants Microsoft today launched the highly anticipated and latest in their Surface family, the Surface Pro 3.

Designed as the “tablet that can replace your laptop”, the Surface Pro 3 has a 12” display but is light enough to pop in your bag and bring from lecture to lecture.

Starting at €819.00, the Microsoft Pro 3 has a battery life of up to nine hours, so you won’t have to scramble for the one free plug every time you visit the library or walk into a lecture theatre.


WIN 2x college survival hampers from PharmacyStore

Get all your essentials and toiletries just in time for college totally free, courtesy of No better price than that!
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Having to fork out your security deposit, the inevitable €150 robbery from the book your lecturer wrote and all your own toiletries at one time can be unbelievably expensive for the average student.

Warm up to the ice-bucket challenge

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Wednesday 27th August, 13:07
Dairne Black (Contributor)
It's easy to dismiss something that has taken the form of a social media-induced trend that also enabled viral reckless drinking, but you cannot ignore the hugely valuable publicity and nearly a million euro the ice bucket challenge has gained for Motor Neurone Disease...

Last week, I wrote a piece about the social media campaigns that were doing the rounds. One of the ones I mentioned in the piece has since gone from strength to strength, or should I say, bucket to bucket. 


Cave jumping and the 'pure white stuff'

By Antony Wolfe (Travel Writer) , Tuesday 26th August, 16:57
Antony Wolfe (Travel Writer)
Trinity graduate Antony Wolfe who upped sticks to work after graduation to work as a tour guide in South America, he tells us some of the crazy experiences he's had there the last year...

St Patricks Day in Nicaragua

To celebrate our Irish holiday on the 17th of March this year I searched around León in Nicaragua looking for decorations. In vain, as it turned out.


Saudi Arabia: From an Irish perspective

By Sahar Mohamed Ali (Contributor) , Tuesday 26th August, 14:22
Sahar Mohamed Ali (Contributor)
Sahar Mohamed Ali left the green fields of UCD and Belfield behind her to experience life in Saudi Arabia. She explains why the culture shock ain't so bad...

Do you know when your friend asks you to describe a particular person to them and you have to pause and think for a moment. You don't want to say anything nasty because you're mad sound. So, you say "well she's..." - cue questionably long pause while searching for the right words - and you end up with "". Or maybe they ask "Is she/he good looking?" and you think "Well... s/he's got a great personality". Well folks, Saudi, she's got a... great personality. Just great.


Oz Diary: A weekend in Melbourne

By Leah Louise King , Tuesday 26th August, 10:16
Leah Louise King
One of our two contributors in Australia this summer Leah Louise King skipped down to Melbourne for the weekend, where she got to see selfie screens, H&M and penguins at the beach...

Meeting friends and family who you haven’t seen in a long time is always great. But it’s especially enjoyable when they’re on the other side of the world in sunny Australia.

That's why I travelled from Sydney to Melbourne last weekend, to visit my friend from home, Sophia. It was so good to see her for the first time in almost a year, and to have a catch up over a few glasses of wine. Going through six bottles between three of us wasn't the best idea on the night I arrived, but it was worth it!


The “non-techie” review: Nokia Lumia 630

By Francis Keane (Tech Reviewer) , Monday 25th August, 14:57
Francis Keane (Tech Reviewer)
Our resident technology reviewer Francis Keane tests out the very affordable and stylish Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone...

Nokia Lumia 630 Price: €149. Rating: B-

This week I have been keeping my hands busy with the Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone, the first of the Lumia range to host the new Windows 8.1 operating system. Jam-packed full of cool new features, Windows 8.1 will definitely help make your life a little easier. The main feature of this phone is the pocket-friendly price. Coming in, sim-free, at a nice €149, you can have yourself a brand new smartphone for the price of a few messy nights out on Harcourt St.


Robin Williams: The person not the passing

By Jenny Ní Ruiséil , Monday 25th August, 14:29
Jenny Ní Ruiséil
As Dublin events organisation Happenings showed last week with their Robin Williams screenings, when the world loses a person to suicide, we need to focus on their talent, the future and reaching out to those who need it.

Last week saw the headlines dominated by varying degrees of bluntness and shock-factor taglines regarding the death of Robin Williams. While many merely stated the facts, the harsh reality of his suicide was viciously publicised by the likes of Alan Brazil’s blunt remarks live on BBC radio, and by various tabloid headlines drawing attention to the wrong details – the how, and not the why.


We are hiring, get applying!

Need a job? We are currently hiring student staff to work as on-campus reps for Meteor in the following colleges:

UCC, LIT, GMIT Galway, GMIT Castlebar, AIT, Blanch IT, Tallaght IT, St. Pats, Tralee IT, LYIT, NCAD, IADT

Staff will be required to work up to 16 hours each week, these hours are flexible so you can work around your college timetable - making this the perfect job during college!

The ideal candidate should:

- Have prior experience in promotions or sales in Ireland.

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