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We are hiring, get applying!

Need a job? We are currently hiring student staff to work as on-campus reps for Meteor in the following colleges:

UCC, LIT, GMIT Galway, GMIT Castlebar, AIT, Blank IT, Tallaght IT, St. Pats, Tralee IT, LYIT, NCAD, IADT

Staff will be required to work up to 16 hours each week, these hours are flexible so you can work around your college timetable - making this the perfect job during college!

The ideal candidate should:

- Have prior experience in promotions or sales in Ireland.


12 apps every student needs

By Robert Morrissey (Contributor) , Thursday 21st August, 16:10
Robert Morrissey (Contributor)
Robert Morrissey takes us through the apps every student should have to hand during their time in college...

There is a range of educational apps available on the market that might make the first few weeks easier for those beginning or returning to college this year.  Sure you could spend all your time Snapchattin' and Netflixin' but these apps might make you feel less guilty about not looking at that reading list. Here are a few that will increase your productivity at college.



How a college soc changed my life

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Thursday 21st August, 12:58
Dairne Black (Contributor)
Beside all the riffraff of free pizza and people desperately trying to get you to join their society at Fresher's Week is the one society that could genuinely change your life. Dairne Black tells us about the one that ended up defining her whole career...

2008. The year I started college. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do back then, but figured, I’d give the Gaeilge a go and see how I got on. In truth, I was awful, I could talk for Ireland but could I apply it? No. I was one of those students, who was in college, the course didn’t suit, and I was up the creek without a paddle. I thought about quitting, but that seemed pointless because I still didn’t know what to do.


Hits and misses of the week

By Laura Flaherty (Music Editor) , Thursday 21st August, 10:57
Laura Flaherty (Music Editor)
Our new resident music editor Laura Flaherty tells us the artists who got it right this week and the ones who got it really, really wrong.


1. Magic! have been in the charts the last few weeks, with their hit “Rude”. While the lead singer may not have been number one on his girlfriends fathers list, I think he deserves the top spot on my list today. It’s a catchy song and, like it or not, you’ll be singing and probably dancing around to it for hours after hearing it.


The power of social media campaigns

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Wednesday 20th August, 17:01
Dairne Black (Contributor)
Have a knack for downing drinks? Think you not-so-secretly look like Ryan Gosling? You've probably done it all in front of hundreds of people, but beware of jumping on the wrong social media bandwagon, writes Dairne Black...

Social media has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The power of it, is greater than anything I have ever seen. Never underestimate the power of a good social media campaign, and the power that it has to do great damage or simply do greatness.

The past year has seen a number of social media campaigns and threads. Some have proved truly worthy, while others, dumb, immature and wreckless. Countless amounts of money have been raised for charity, and a few lives lost. This all happened through the power, of social media.


My South American adventures

By Antony Wolfe (Travel Writer) , Wednesday 20th August, 15:08
Antony Wolfe (Travel Writer)
After finishing college in Trinity College Dublin and getting fed up looking for graduate jobs, Antony Wolfe upped sticks and moved to South America where he now works full time as a tour guide.

I’ve been working as a tour leader around Central America for nearly 9 months now. Below is the map of the usual 7-week tour I run. It’s about time I chronicle the travel stories I’ve accumulated.


Why I'll be at the Spire tonight at 6

By Laura Larkin (Sexual Health Columnist) , Wednesday 20th August, 10:36
Laura Larkin (Sexual Health Columnist)
Our resident sexual health columnist describes how after listening quietly to both sides of the debate, she realised that the 8th amendment could put her own or any other woman's life at risk. She describes why she'll be joining thousands of others tonight at the protest...

Never again they scream. And I believe it for just a split second. This week they will shout once more; some at the top of their lungs, others quietly as though they can hardly believe they have to say it again.

Pro-choice groups around the country are gearing up for yet another march against the archaic lack of abortion legislation that puts women’s lives in danger over and over.

My Facebook feed is filled with pictures of posters half-made that cry out for change.  I scroll through a stream of outrage and disbelief on Twitter.


The (wilting) Rose of Tralee-is it outdated?

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Tuesday 19th August, 15:16
Dairne Black (Contributor)
Although thankfully not nearly as sexist as other festivals such as Miss Universe and Miss World, the annual Rose of Tralee has a very strong, patronising whiff of, "ah, aren't you a lovely girl standing there all by yourself"...

So, I’ve gotten rather into whole ‘live tweeting business’ lately, which essentially means, I’ll tweet about something that’s on the television as it happens. I’m aware how that sounds; would I not just sit back and enjoy the programme? Thing is, I do, because I also get a kick out of how it can end up trending on Twitter, and the communication and interaction I can have with followers and anyone using the official ‘hashtag’. I do love a good hashtag, much to the annoyance of others at the times.


What I learned interning at a national newspaper

By Laura Larkin (Sexual Health Columnist) , Tuesday 19th August, 10:53
Laura Larkin (Sexual Health Columnist)
Laura Larkin was one of our extremely hardworking contributors who landed herself an internship in Independent News and Media this summer in our internship programme. It's been a crazy summer of Gay Byrne, waiting hours in heels for interviewees and landing front page stories...

Gay Byrne’s anniversary plans, a blind man’s trek in the Amazon, a WWII pilot and stalking The Boss. Three months at a national newspaper will confirm everything you hoped and feared journalism-as-a-job will be like.

It’s hard… It’s competitive and it’s scary. 

But it’s also the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


Tackling sexism in sport

By Jack McCann (Contributor) , Monday 18th August, 16:56
Jack McCann (Contributor)
Despite the fact that the Irish women's rugby team finished in an astounding fourth place yesterday, their achievements have been clouded over by a certain article by Niamh Horan, who did little to dispel sexism in sport, a field that is already riddled with destructive stereotypes...

“As I bent over with a blonde’s hand slipping around the top of my thigh, I pondered how there are worse ways to burn calories on a sleepy Thursday evening’. Sounds more like the start of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ than a newspaper article.  This was the introduction to an article written by Niamh Horan, a journalist for the Sunday Independent, as part of the media build up to the Irish Women’s Rugby World Cup Semi-Final against England that occurred on August 13th.

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