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India Diary: Staring in the streets

By Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer) , Monday 28th July, 14:20
Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer)
Being the only white person in the street has been a refreshing experience for student volunteer Daniel Eames in the latest of our India Diary entries...

Indian people are amazing, and there are a lot of them. As a team we’re doing well at getting around Delhi. We go teaching at our school daily. We hit the markets every so often for provisions and we’ve done some sightseeing on our weekends.

The thing is that we’re fairly far out of the city centre and we tend to be the only fair skinned people on any street at any particular time. So people tend to want a good look at us.


Dating can be fierce awkward...

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Monday 28th July, 12:09
Dairne Black (Contributor)
It's not all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops, the first few months of a new relationship can be downright awkward and there's no way around it, writes Dairne Black.

Congratulations. You’ve made it through the sea, through the awkward dates and have successfully bagged yourself a lad or a lassie. You are no longer footloose and fancy free, no no. You are, and I’ll whisper, ‘in a relationship’. It’s a statement as reverend or as shocking as saying ‘Voldemort’. You are now boyfriend/girlfriend, well done. Now the fun begins…


260,000 students opt for Erasmus

By Hannah Popham (Editor) , Monday 28th July, 11:08
Hannah Popham (Editor)
This past academic year has seen the Erasmus programme as a more popular option than ever for students, writes Hannah Popham.

Almost 270,000 students opted to do an Erasmus elsewhere in Europe this year, according to the latest statistics from the European Commission. This was the highest uptake in its almost thirty year history.

Two thirds of these students chose to study part of their undergraduate, with around 55,000 students instead opting to take up an Erasmus job placement in a foreign company.


Four places you have to see in Ireland

By Jack McCann (Contributor) , Monday 28th July, 10:00
Jack McCann (Contributor)
You needn't be spending all your summer savings on RyanAir flights, some of the most amazing sights are on this very island, writes Jack McCann.

Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands, situated off Ireland’s West Coast, 3km off the Dingle Peninsula. 6 principal islands make up the archipelago known as the Blaskets:An Blascaod Mór;Beiginis;Inis Na Bró;Inis Mhic Uileáin;Inis Tuaisceart;An Tiaracht. However, An Blascaod Mór is the main tourist attraction of the lot.


India Diary: Dripping in Delhi

By Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer) , Thursday 24th July, 15:43
Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer)
In our most exotic travel diary, student volunteer Daniel is drowning in the unbearable heat in Delhi, India, and pranking his co-volunteers by draping them in duvets...



Athlone IT: Gamers and tea drinkers but high levels of debt

By Hannah Popham (Editor) , Thursday 24th July, 13:08
Hannah Popham (Editor)
Students of Athlone IT are not only more likely to own gaming devices, drink tea instead of water but they are also more likely to be in debt, the most recent statistics from the National Student Survey has found.

According to the latest figures, over half (51%) of students at the IT own a gaming device of some description, with the most popular being Playstation 3 (19%), Playstation 4 (13%) and Xbox 360 (11%).

Almost half (47%) of the students surveyed said that they drink tea more often than they drink water, and almost half (49%) said that they do not drink coffee.


Campus chats to the Chancery Lane

By Miriam Doona (Ents Editor) , Thursday 24th July, 11:21
Miriam Doona (Ents Editor)
Miriam Doona catches up with 'Urbindipop' Londoners the Chancery Lane to talk defining their genre, playing in Hong Kong and how S Club 7's Bradley helped them with their new album...

Meet Londoners Yemi Mc Ewen and Kevin Wynter, also known as The Chancery Lane, who are bringing something fresh and exciting to the British music scene.

The Chancery Lane offer the world a new, exciting and very fresh brand of music dubbed "Urbindipop". Can you elaborate a little on your personal definition of "Urbindipop”?


Want free tickets to Vodafone Comedy Festival?

By Campus competitions , Wednesday 23rd July, 16:31
Campus competitions
Did you really want to hit Vodafone Comedy Festival this weekend but your bank account was just a little too empty?

Here at Campus HQ we’re all about providing skint students with the craic they deserve to have, so we have TWO sets of tickets to give away to see Jason Byrne and Matt Richardson live in the Iveagh Gardens this Saturday night.


Is it time you paid attention to your mental health?

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Wednesday 23rd July, 14:53
Dairne Black (Contributor)
The Irish have the gift of the gab about everything from Garth Brooks to Kimye's honeymoon... Just not about telling each other that no, we're not feeling all that great today, writes Dairne Black...

Ireland: A nation of talkers, yappers and chatters. You can’t keep us quiet sometimes. Except on certain subjects. We’re picky. Sure, we want to talk all about Garth Brooks, and Kimye’s arrival, but we don’t want to talk about mental health. It’s a taboo subject. One we don’t talk about, or shy away from.


NUI Galway: Supermacs fans, social smokers but hard workers

By Hannah Popham (Editor) , Wednesday 23rd July, 11:16
Hannah Popham (Editor)
NUI Galway students are a fan of their Supermacs, breaking phones, drinking tea and actually attending lectures-the latest from our National Student Survey.

Supermacs and social smoking seem to be two very common vices for students in NUI Galway, who are also some of the most attentive in Ireland, the latest statistics from the National Student Survey has found.

Almost a third (28%) listed Supermacs as their favourite fast food haunt, with McDonalds (15%) and Dominos (10%) coming in at a close second and third. Over a fifth of students (22%) however said that they do not eat fast food.

Additionally, almost a third (28%) of students at the college said that they drink tea more often than water.

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