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India diary: Dripping in Delhi

By Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer) , Thursday 24th July, 15:43
Daniel Eames (Student Volunteer)
In our most exotic travel diary, student volunteer Daniel is drowning in the unbearable heat in Delhi, India, and pranking his co-volunteers by draping them in duvets...



Athlone IT: Gamers and tea drinkers but high levels of debt

By Hannah Popham (Editor) , Thursday 24th July, 13:08
Hannah Popham (Editor)
Students of Athlone IT are not only more likely to own gaming devices, drink tea instead of water but they are also more likely to be in debt, the most recent statistics from the National Student Survey has found.

According to the latest figures, over half (51%) of students at the IT own a gaming device of some description, with the most popular being Playstation 3 (19%), Playstation 4 (13%) and Xbox 360 (11%).

Almost half (47%) of the students surveyed said that they drink tea more often than they drink water, and almost half (49%) said that they do not drink coffee.


Campus chats to the Chancery Lane

By Miriam Doona (Ents Editor) , Thursday 24th July, 11:21
Miriam Doona (Ents Editor)
Miriam Doona catches up with 'Urbindipop' Londoners the Chancery Lane to talk defining their genre, playing in Hong Kong and how S Club 7's Bradley helped them with their new album...

Meet Londoners Yemi Mc Ewen and Kevin Wynter, also known as The Chancery Lane, who are bringing something fresh and exciting to the British music scene.

The Chancery Lane offer the world a new, exciting and very fresh brand of music dubbed "Urbindipop". Can you elaborate a little on your personal definition of "Urbindipop”?


Want free tickets to Vodafone Comedy Festival?

By Campus competitions , Wednesday 23rd July, 16:31
Campus competitions
Did you really want to hit Vodafone Comedy Festival this weekend but your bank account was just a little too empty?

Here at Campus HQ we’re all about providing skint students with the craic they deserve to have, so we have TWO sets of tickets to give away to see Jason Byrne and Matt Richardson live in the Iveagh Gardens this Saturday night.


Is it time you paid attention to your mental health?

By Dairne Black (Contributor) , Wednesday 23rd July, 14:53
Dairne Black (Contributor)
The Irish have the gift of the gab about everything from Garth Brooks to Kimye's honeymoon... Just not about telling each other that no, we're not feeling all that great today, writes Dairne Black...

Ireland: A nation of talkers, yappers and chatters. You can’t keep us quiet sometimes. Except on certain subjects. We’re picky. Sure, we want to talk all about Garth Brooks, and Kimye’s arrival, but we don’t want to talk about mental health. It’s a taboo subject. One we don’t talk about, or shy away from.


NUI Galway: Supermacs fans, social smokers but hard workers

By Hannah Popham (Editor) , Wednesday 23rd July, 11:16
Hannah Popham (Editor)
NUI Galway students are a fan of their Supermacs, breaking phones, drinking tea and actually attending lectures-the latest from our National Student Survey.

Supermacs and social smoking seem to be two very common vices for students in NUI Galway, who are also some of the most attentive in Ireland, the latest statistics from the National Student Survey has found.

Almost a third (28%) listed Supermacs as their favourite fast food haunt, with McDonalds (15%) and Dominos (10%) coming in at a close second and third. Over a fifth of students (22%) however said that they do not eat fast food.

Additionally, almost a third (28%) of students at the college said that they drink tea more often than water.


Terribly in love with The National

By Sorcha Tyndall (Festival Correspondent) , Tuesday 22nd July, 14:50
Sorcha Tyndall (Festival Correspondent)
Our resident festival correspondent Sorcha Tyndall spent Friday night being blown away by the National, she shares her favourite moments with us.

This past weekend, The National played two dates at the Iveagh Gardens. Needless to say, they were fantastic. But there are two things that I need to confess prior to raving about just how good they were. First of all I had caught their gig at the 02 in November, and was left in no doubt that they were one of those bands that always struck a cord live. Then, just a week prior to this gig, I had gone to see Mistaken For Strangers, a film about the band, made by the lead singers’ brother Tom Berninger. (On another note… Go and see this film immediately if you haven’t!).


Magic in Marlay Park: Longitude review

By Robert Morrissey (Contributor) , Monday 21st July, 15:05
Robert Morrissey (Contributor)
Robert Morrissey was one of the lucky revellers to get out to the second ever Longitude Festival to catch the likes of Disclosure, Hozier, James Vincent McMorrow, Haim, Ben Howard and many more...

Sunshine brought good vibes to festival-goers at Longitude in Dublin’s Marlay Park this weekend.  The three-day no camping festival is like a mix of Electric Picnic and Forbidden Fruit, the audience are an eclectic bunch when it comes to their taste in music, most of which you wouldn’t entirely see among the Top 40 charts, but would still feature acts that do pop up occasionally in that genre.


1.00 chats to Samantha Crain

By Miriam Doona (Ents Editor) , Monday 21st July, 14:28
Miriam Doona (Ents Editor)
Our Ents Editor Miriam Doona sat down with 26-year-old singer-songwriter Samantha Crain from her native Shawnee, Oklahoma just ahead of her departure to embark on tour of Europe. This tour will bring Samantha to Dublin to perform a headline show in Whelan’s.

You are coming to Ireland soon to play a headline show in Dublin's Whelan's on July 24th.You are of Choctaw heritage and historically there is an intense bond between the Irish and the Choctaw people, who came to the financial aid of the Irish in an incredibly kind and profound act of humanitarianism during the Great Famine. Do you feel a particular affinity and connection to Ireland and The Irish?


Are you guilty of hiberdating?

By Darragh Collins (Contributor) , Monday 21st July, 11:54
Darragh Collins (Contributor)
Absolutely head over heels for your other half? Has it been a while since you surfaced at an actual, real-life social event? You could have a feverish case of hiberdating, writes Darragh Collins.

So you’ve just started a new relationship. Everything that you have worked so hard for, all the late night texting, the playing it cool when it wasn’t cool, the patience, the “graft” it’s all paid off. First of all let me just say congratulations.

Now for the honeymoon phase. Shifting nonstop, going on about when you started to fall for each other and late night deep meaningful conversations. This is the business.

But is there any stage when you might turn around and say, “Jaysus, I haven’t talked to Tom/Sarah in a while?”

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