With their song Take My Hand taking the charts by storm, Shane Fitzgerald reviews the latest offering from Picture This.
Album length
17 minutes
So a brand new Irish band have finally released an album of some kind. A short album, but I’m sure the follow-up to this EP will be nothing short of fantastic.
I’m sure anybody who is as massive of a fan of Take My Hand as I am has probably already given this new EP a listen by now, even though it only dropped less than a week ago.
The EP has a total of five tracks, I’ll be going through my personal favourite three.
Track 1: Take My Hand
Take My Hand is the most iconic song of this album and for good reason. It’s a very sweet, simple song about the evolution of a friendship into a meaningful relationship.
The intro kicks off the song in a very simple manner with a verse of sweet lyrics that will immediately tug on the heartstrings of any hopeless romantic.
The vocal melody is also simple and sweet. The quality of the singer’s voice is on par with the majority of the best indie bands currently out there such as The Coronas, Walking on Cars, etc. 
It is consistent throughout the whole song, even when the singer throws in the occasional high note in the middle of a lyric.
You can tell from the quality of the lyrics that they’re special to the songwriters. Some listeners may find the lyrics slightly cringe-worthy, but any person who enjoys the romanticised lyrics of the likes of Ed Sheeran will find these lyrics appealing.
The song carries a solid beat that flows with the vocals very nicely which is impressive for a two-man band.
Overall, a very impressive start to this EP that really showcases the talents of these two young artists.
Track 3: Let’s Be Young
The song’s intro is similar to Take My Hand in that it has a low instrumental playing under a vocal melody.
Once again, the vocal melody is consistent throughout the whole song with a rich catchy tone that will end up being stuck in your head.
The lyrics talk about going out with your friends for a night and highlights the pure fun of this with lyrics such as “leave our phones at home” and “we can get drunk tonight”. 
Definitely the kind of lyrics you would like to hear while having a few drinks before going out to a pub.
The instrumentals provide a solid beat that’ll grab your attention immediately. The rhythm overall is catchy and the kind of song that grows on you the more you listen to it.
Overall, I can definitely see this becoming a popular song at some point with the general attractiveness of the rhythm and the lyrics that will eventually be recognised as a build up to a great night out.
Track 4: I Don’t Know Why
The intro to this song is once again a vocal melody over a low key instrumental building up to the first chorus. The catcher in this intro is the lyrics, it’s a plain and honest attempt at an apology for a mistake that hurt someone tremendously.
The lyrics in the whole song are about being young and being honest about the mistakes made when we are young. 
They talk about having two sides that can make mistakes and just trying to figure out how this all works at such a young age. 
I like that the song highlights how complicated young people can make relationships, because people at that age, have basically no idea how to make relationships work and last most of the time.
Overall, the lyrics will appeal to the hopeless romantics who always believe there’s a way to fix things in their relationships, even if they don’t really know how to do so.
The rhythm and instrumentals of this song are strong and fast paced with a nice, consistent guitar melody to satisfy the rock bone in your body. 
The rhythm of this song is engaging and will keep the listener in attention for most of the song.
The band put together instrumentals that suit the song very well with the faster pace expressing passion in the meaning of the song.
In conclusion, this is my favourite track on the EP as it deals with a very meaningful experience while keeping me engaged constantly with faster instrumentals complimenting passionate lyrics.
To conclude this whole review, this is an impressive follow-up to an anticipated band’s small library of music. 
If you are a fan of Take My Hand, this EP will definitely be worth picking up and giving a listen to. 
If not, you might like it anyway if you are a fan of the indie-rock style of The Coronas and Walking on Cars.