Want to teach in hong kong?

I’m currently living and working as a career guidance counsellor in China and I could not recommend it enough; especially for those who want to travel and gain some valuable life and cultural experiences.
Working as a teacher abroad has many positives. The salaries for teachers abroad can be far better – particularly for newly qualified teachers who studied in Ireland. It can be difficult being at the bottom of the pay scale; and that is if you get a job in the first place! 
Teaching overseas can give you the experience you need to get a job back home while earning a better wage than you would in Ireland. Along with that comes the travel experience – you also get Chinese holidays, Christmas etc. 
This gives you the time and great opportunities to travel to different parts of the globe.
Sound interesting?
Paul McAllister is from Dublin and currently living in China. He set up Workaway Recruitment to help accommodate teachers who are looking abroad for work. 
Workaway Recruitment partner with a number of leading schools and education institutions in Hong Kong.
Workaway Recruitment does not only tailor for qualified teachers, they also work with:
  • Recent graduates looking to travel.
  • People with TEFL and CELTA qualifications.
So pretty much anyone who wants to teach and live abroad!
“Making the decision to move abroad is a big moment in a person’s life. It can be stressful looking for work and having that uncertainty. 
“At Workaway Recruitment, we are all about the teachers we represent. We make sure the process of moving abroad to teach goes as smoothly as possible. We find out what exactly you are looking for and then introduce you to our schools that we think you could be a good fit for,” Paul explains.
The process at Workaway Recruitment
“When you contact us, we schedule a time for us to talk to find out exactly what it is you are looking for from moving abroad. We discuss with you the benefits for our candidates and why so many professionals are looking overseas for work,” Paul adds. 
“We then send you the available positions we have for the schools that suit your needs, or we keep your details and contact you when something comes up. It’s that simple!” 
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