Things I Miss About my Erasmus in Prague – Prague v Limerick

Being back in University Limerick (UL), after a whole year of being off campus from my cooperative placement for the first half of 2018, along with my Erasmus+ placement in Prague, the Czech Republic for the second half of the year was an amazing experience.

I will forever remember the fabulous experience of Prague and the people I now call my friends. It was a great source of independence and a real eye-opener to different cultures- something I never really took much notice of before.

I flew to Prague from Dublin on Sunday, October 7. I was lucky to have a friend accompany me for the first few days and help me settle in and adjust to life in a different country. Here’s what I learned.

The (amazing) Public Transport System

I loved the transport system in Prague. The ease of getting from A to B is amazing and so cheap! I paid the equivalent of €13 for a transport ticket (this includes the metro, tram and bus) for 3 months.

For my co-op, I had the lovely pleasure of needing to invest in a monthly ticket which rounded up to around €60 for one month.

Buses and trams go all through the night and cater for all areas of Prague. Of course, if you are alone travelling home late at night it’s always best to get an Uber, which is also exceptionally priced.

Super cheap alcohol and nights out

Compared to the countryside, going out in Limerick city and Castletroy isn’t all that expensive. That said, comparing Limerick to Prague, I’ll definitely miss the even cheaper nights out.

Beer is sold at astonishingly affordable prices, and entry into nightclubs is a rarity at best.

A big part of the cost of nights out at home are taxis, which is barely a problem there because of having a travel ticket.


Lays are hands down, the best crisps ever. I don’t know why they are so different to Walkers. That said, I tried putting Lays into a sandwich before and it didn’t work to the same effect as a Walkers sandwich, so Walkers wins on that note, but I’m still sorry to be turning my back on Lays.

The chance of snow

It didn’t snow as much as I would have liked during my time in Prague, and I’m disappointed that other parts of the Czech Republic get snow a lot more than there.

The times it did snow in Prague, made the country even more beautiful than it already was. I didn’t mind the cold because the scenery was utterly mesmerising.

Christmas Markets

Even if I was in Prague right now I still would be missing Christmas Markets. The Christmas Markets in December were so lovely and really added to the atmosphere of Christmas time in Prague.

Erasmus is such an amazing experience, and I would strongly encourage everyone to grab the opportunity if it comes up! Prague- even just as a holiday destination- is definitely a bucket list city!