So You Want to be an Erasmus Student?

Students have the opportunity when they’re in college to go on an Erasmus which is a European Union student exchange programme. It’s a chance for students to go abroad and experience a different culture, meet new people and learn new things. It may not be for every student but many have gone and have enjoyed the journey.

Cormac Porter who is a creative digital media student studying in the Technological University Dublin decided to go on an Erasmus this year starting in January. He went to Helsinki in Finland to study creative media and he has had an amazing time so far.

When asked on why he decided to go and leave Dublin for Finland he said he wanted “To see another country, to get immersed in another culture and to meet new people”. These are some of the main reasons many students would like to get away and experience and to do something different.

Although the journey so far has been “brilliant” for him it didn’t stop him from having some worries as well as some difficulties. When asked on what worries he had he said, “That I wouldn’t make friends and the course wouldn’t be good enough.”

One of the difficulties he said was the language barrier as he is in a Swedish speaking college but that didn’t hinder his experience as when he was talking about learning the language he said, “If you put your mind to it you can do it out of class.”

His college life has him very busy as so far, he has been on two student films helping out on a set where he has learned so much. “They are small roles but still amazing experience. They do things on a more professional level”, Cormac remarked.

Although college work is apparent on an Erasmus there are also many other opportunities to go out and see new places and wonders that you wouldn’t see at home. Cormac has many highlights of his trip so far like visiting “Lapland, seeing the Northern Lights, going on a husky sledge and ice-skating on a frozen lake.”

Cormac finishes his Erasmus at the end of May and it has been nothing short of an incredible experience for him. When asked if he had any advice for students who are thinking about going on an Erasmus he said, “Just do it. You are only going to be in college so long so go crazy, go to another country and don’t worry about going on your own. You are forced to make other friends.”

With any of these types of experiences where you are leaving home and moving away from your comfort zone, it is understandable to have doubts and worries but Cormac’s Erasmus journey so far shows just how incredible it can be if you take that chance and go.