Ryanair Introduce New Baggage Rules

In attempt to fully enact the annual “New Year, New Me” phrase, Ryanair implements its new baggage policy today.

The news was announced some time last year, but it comes in action today, meaning if you’re heading off in the next little while – you lucky so and so – you need to take heed of the new rules.

Previously, all passengers were permitted one standard cabin bag, and one personal bag such as a handbag or briefcase. The cabin bags were put in the lockers on the plane, and your personal bag under the seat in front of you. This was something many appreciated about the airline – not having to check in, and more importantly, pay for your luggage for a quick weekend trip.

However come today, only passengers who pay for Priority Boarding are permitted to bring a cabin bag (i.e. your wheelie suitcase) on board.

Those who do not pay for Priority Boarding are still allowed their two free bags – but their cabin bag will be placed in hold, free of charge.

Ryanair has also reduced the price of checked-in luggage, and increased the size.

So to summarise, if you want your cabin bag near and dear you in the overhead lockers, you will now need to pay for Priority Boarding. If you are happy to part with your case for the duration of your flight, it will be put into hold and collected at the baggage gate.

You can read about the changes here. 

But for now – bon voyage!

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