On the Beaten Track: Glendalough, Ireland Most Scenic Spot

Located in County Wicklow, Glendalough is situated in one of the most scenic and serene areas in Ireland. If you love the outdoors or just want a break from the busy working and studying life, it is an absolute must. The list of things you can do is virtually endless as it includes outdoor activities like cycling, angling and of course hiking and hill walking.

There are various walking routes in Glendalough, including the Wicklow Way, a walking route that starts in Marley Park in Dublin and ends in Clonegal in Co. Wicklow. If you’re not a fan of a trek, there is always the opportunity to get on the route at various points. The point I recommended personally is Roundwood to Glendalough as it’s the shortest part of the route at 12 kilometres and should take about four hours which – trust me – goes a lot quicker once you see the astonishing view.

Situated here too is the Monastic City, one of the most important monastery sites in Ireland. The city consists of many monastic remains including the Round Tower which stands tall at 30m high. The remains of an old stone fort can be found between the upper and lower lake also.

Glendalough is the perfect place to get away from all the hustle and bustle from the city and college life. It’s a wonderful place that showcases beautiful scenery, amazing views just a train away.