Midterm break: think killarney

Remember when Wallace & Gromit built that rocket in their basement to go to the moon? All they brought were some armchairs and cream crackers and it worked for them, so maybe we can do the same! 
Ok, maybe not the moon part, or the rocket part, but I mean a trip with only the bare essentials and still have a good run of it.
This is for all of us out there who wonder what to do with our lives every second weekend and scroll through Facebook for hours instead of getting out there. 
We’re students. We’re poor. But we can still make the most of what pocket change SUSI gives us. 
For those of us in and around the Munster region I’d recommend a roadtrip to Killarney, via scenic West Cork, of course! 
I did something similar over summer. In Killarney there is of course Killarney Park. It’s free in for cars and no entry fee either, perfect for cash strapped pockets. 
The landscapes and walks around the park can easily take up a day and all you need to bring with you is probably a lunch and not much else. 
If you don’t have a car, Killarney is pretty well connected with public transport and wouldn’t cost a bomb, even for those visiting from outside of Munster. 
There’s more hotels and hostels you could shake a stick at, and range from €10- €200+ so take your pick!
Cafes, chippers and restaurants galore in the town centre, so no excuses for going hungry and no need for the Wallace & Gromit style crackers!
Killarney also has a lively nightlife with your usual pubs and clubs, being very tourist orientated you’ll find something to your liking. 
Just a short run up the road is the seaside village of Dingle, or at least it used to be a village before a certain dolphin decided to move in. 
You could easily fill a day here wandering around the village between the knick-knack shops, restaurants, aquarium and waiting for Fungi boats to load up. 
While in Dingle, be sure to try the craft ice creams in one of the many parlours around the place, and don’t be boring with your chocolate chip and vanilla scoops, try raspberry and brown bread flavors, trust me. 
Something else to try is the infamous deep-fried Mars bar with ice cream. Fair warning, this isn’t for the faint hearted!
Visiting Dingle also constitutes a compulsory boat trip to see the man, ahem dolphin, himself. Student tickets are €15 and it’s a no-see-no-fee, ie. if you don’t see Fungi, it’s free. 
A very worthwhile trip and a chance to see an amazing animal up close, just be aware the harbor entrance is very choppy 90% of the time and sea legs are an advantage.
So if you’ve a couple of days to spare over the midterm, or a Facebook-free weekend planned in the near future, Killarney offers the perfect budget-friendly escape. 
You’re in Kerry, a land abound with mountains, beaches, forests, and castles – climb a mountain, go camping, try surfing (or go swimming in the lovely Kerry weather). 
Use your imagination, what happens in the Kingdom, stays in the Kingdom.
Photo: Nicolas Raymond/ Flickr