Making your J1 the trip of a lifetime

Exam season is finally over! Its now the perfect time to get out of our shell and take a trip across the Atlantic to experience the summer of our life. But with new surroundings and so many possibilities, comes responsibility, especially when it comes to alcohol. Here are some great tips on how to survive and enjoy your J1 trip.

Before you go


Craig’s List ( is the most popular website, when it comes to apartments, furniture and used items. But beware of scams, same as in Ireland, never pay a deposit before you have seen the apartment yourself; bring a friend to the viewing and always make sure to sign a lease.

If your J1 is a full package, the agency will arrange your accommodation for you.


Make sure you have sufficient funds on your bank account before you leave. reports that you need at least $800, to gain entry to country.

Don’t forget to notify your bank of your whereabouts to prevent a blocked card.

Beware of the banking fees when using the ATM with your Irish card, if you have to use it, take out a larger amount. To avoid these charges, it’s best to get a US bank account.

Your Safety

When travelling abroad,The Department of Foreign Affairs suggests the following:

Keep your passport safe at all times. Bring a photocopy of it just in case and bring another form of identification in case of an emergency.

Get health insurance. It’s worth investing in, as health care is expensive in the US.

Know your local laws. Be aware state laws in the US. You’d be surprised how different they are from Irish laws.

When you’re there

Be sociable and make sure to be friendly and respectful to others. Especially when it comes to throwing parties at your apartment. Sure, the J1 is a time to have fun, but don’t blast the tunes all through the night. Nobody wants a disgruntled neighbour.

In the US, drinking age is over 21, therefore even though you might get into nigh clubs you might not get served.

Public drunkenness is a serious offence in the US, make sure to not go over your limits if you decide to drink. Pace yourself and remember your body can only process one standard drink per hour. Paired with this, have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks to avoid becoming intoxicated.

Especially when you don’t know the place, taking illegal substances and drinking alcohol heavily can get you into serious trouble. Always make a plan with your friends to get home and stay together when you’re out. Having a fully charged phone and portable charger can make sure you get home in one piece.

If you decide to consume alcohol, make sure it is in a safe environment and you drink responsibly. Look out for your friends as well.

With these tips, you should be ready to jet off on your J1 and make . it home having really enjoyed your summer away. Preparation and caution will keep your travels carefree.

Make sure to check out the Stay Yourself website for helpful hints and tips for a great night out.

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