How to Prepare for a Festival Abroad

Hands up if you’re going to a festival this year? Hands up if it’s in another country? Okay, great. Now, let’s divide this group into three. First, we have our festival veterans. You guys have hopped from country to country and seen all that the festival-circuit has to offer. You may not need of this article, but please comment below if I miss something!

Secondly, we have the category that I fall into. You’ve been to one festival, or two. You know the general gist of things, but you’re no pro. You still need to do your research. As I’m amidst this research, I feel compelled to share my findings. Particularly for the last section of festival-preparers… You guys are babies in this ring. Naïve, and innocent, this is your first festival. I am here to help you along regardless. So, let’s get to it. What are the essential preparations?

The most obvious place to start is packing. There’s so much more you need than just clothing.

In terms of storage, I would advise a few different bags. Don’t bring a carry-on that you hold dear because things in festivals get extremely dirty. Next, make sure you have a bum-bag for your valuables. Keep it on you at all times, even when sleeping if necessary. Make sure it’s big enough to hold everything you can’t afford to lose.

Lastly, black bags are a great addition to any luggage. They’re perfect for wrapping up dirty stuff in to bring home.

Camping. You’re going to need some equipment if you’ve opted to stay on site. This includes a tent (go for a slightly bigger size than you technically need), and something to sleep on. Last year my group made the mistake of not buying any chairs. Festivals are hard work and having somewhere to sit makes such a difference. Since, I’ve learned that you can generally book stuff from a camping shop nearby. This might be more expensive, but it’s worth it. Also, a mallet. You need to hammer those tent corners down.

Last summer, one of my friends had the misfortune of getting bad sunburn on one of our first days. He blistered all down his chest and ended up being sick. You might be at a festival, but you’re also in a hot country. Mind your skin as you always would. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.

Something that links up with this is toiletries. Do not forget your toothbrush or shampoo! Sleep is hard to come by, so cleaning is honestly your best option of refreshment to keep you powering through.

Speaking of power, please ensure that your phone is fully charged. Bring a power-bank and make sure it works beforehand.

My last bit of advice is for when you leave the festival itself. A week of no sleep, energy drinks, non-stop dancing, bad food, and heat really catches up with you. Book one or two free days off for as soon as you get home. Do yourself the favour in advance and leave that recovery time.

But prior to recovery, make it a good one!