Festivals Abroad – Just Do It

Back in early February 2016, I saw the Creamfields festival summer lineup; from Tiesto to Stormy to Alan Walker only to name but a few, I knew this had to be on the wish list for Summer festivals 2017.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Creamfields festival, it is a UK dance music festival which happens at the end of August each year. It takes place in Daresbury, United Kingdom, just between Manchester and Liverpool. I asked friends from home to come to this festival as one couldn’t say no to a festival or a trip away (sure we are only young still!) and so we booked the tickets and were counting down the days until it came.

I myself love the whole idea of holidays and travelling, the outfit planning and the festival experience isn’t something you can do every day. Of course, you’re in the middle of a field so Wi=Fi is limited, but I didn’t miss it as you’re too busy soaking up the festival experience. Nobody can say no to listening to Hannah Wants at 5 pm on a Sunday, evening after all.

However, I can’t forget the hassle of carrying the tents in the suitcase and then trying to squeeze everything in the hand luggage – and the sleeping bags too. But it was so worth it. I can still remember the hike to the actual campsite itself – imagine carrying your hand luggage, then another suitcase with tents and other festival equipment too (no certainly not pleasant).

The tickets worked out for three days camping around €315. However us girls though do like our beauty, so we paid a bit extra to have hot water for showers, hair straighteners and ‘proper clean toilets’. I say ‘properly’ as inthey weren’t five stars, but they did the job for the few days we were there.

Did I mind sleeping in a tent for a few days? Nope. You don’t get much sleep in thend, so if you’re fond of your sleep then perhaps festivals aren’t for you. Yet I think sleeping in a tent is well worth it for the experience and bants with your mates.

Words can’t describe this festival. I still look back on videos and photos to remind myself of the best weekend with even better company. My friend once said that festivals with your mates is an indescribable experience ever, giving you memories of a lifetime. It’s true; you’re listening to the music, going on roller coasters and just living the life.

I went to an Irish summer festival back two months prior to Creamfields but things were certainly different. Maybe it’s the hype of going to the airport and the struggle of the luggage, but there is something about festivals abroad that make it all worthwhile for the greatest memories ever.

Honestly, if you are on the fence about buying a ticket for a festival abroad my advice – just do it! Because when you’re 80 years old you won’t be popping to Tiesto or sleeping in a tent for a few nights, so just do it now. Book the flights, book the tickets and be in for one of the most memorable experiences ever.

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