Battling homesickness

Being away from home isn’t easy, especially if you’re a bit of a home bird like me. While I’m loving living in London, the homesickness can strike at any time, but when it does there’s always something to be done about it. 
Here are my top 5 tips for battling homesickness:
Get up
It’s as simple as that. Just get up!  Getting out of your bed or moving from the couch and even just walking into the next room will start to clear your head and get you out of that self pitying spell. Talking a walk is definitely advisable. Fresh air is a great cure.
Treat yourself
Do something that makes you feel good. Make a cup of tea, eat five bars of chocolate or put on your favourite movie. For me, it’s music. I put on Beyoncé’s ‘Move Your Body’ and have a dance, and before you know it I’m up and out of my homesick state.
Turn off social media
Constantly looking on Facebook or Instagram isn’t good for anyone whether you’re away from home or not. It’s not real life and when you log on and all you see are people at their best, it can make you feel jealous or wish you were back home again. Step away from the laptop and put down the phone, as social media isn’t always your friend.
Don’t call home straight away
This is something I’ve learned recently. While I love talking to my family on the phone, I tend to only call them when I’m having a good day, because when I’m sad, all I want are my parents. However, hearing their voices and not being able to see them or give them a hug only makes the homesickness even worse. 
Try to get out of your sad state before you get in touch with the family. It’s always comforting to know that, even though you’re not together, you’re still never alone.
Think of the alternative
This might not apply to everyone, but for those of us who needed a change and have always dreamed of living in the country we’re now in, this can be a good tip. 
You’re in a whole new space and time in your life with so many possibilities and so much potential. Remember the reasons you booked that one way plane ticket in the first place and go easy on yourself. It all takes time!
Photo: Larry W. Lo/ Flickr