European city guide: Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is Croatia’s North Western capital and a beautiful city. The pretty churches and pedestrianised cobbled streets are perfect examples of Austro-Hungarian style architecture, and St Mark’s

Erasmus Diaries part 6: things I wish I knew before going abroad

As my time in Oviedo comes to an end, I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned and experienced on my Erasmus. If you’ve been following the adventure in Spain so far it’s obvious that this

Erasmus Diaries part 5: 10 things I miss about Ireland

After flying home for a quick visit to Ireland this week I couldn’t help reminiscing about the simple things I missed about being home. Barry’s Tea My family, like many Irish families, have an

Erasmus Diaries part 4: the best and worst moments

I’m pleased to announce my one month anniversary with Spain. It was tough but we did it! There were moments when I wasn’t sure if we would ever happen but here we are, still together and have

European City Guide: Budapest

Budapest is actually two cities separated by the river Danube. Buda is the hilly side and Pest is on the flat. Steeped in history, this city is ideal for people who want to gain an insight into

Erasmus Diaries part 3: Nightclub wars: Ireland V Spain

In every student city, in any culture, the nightlife can be an essential part of the complete college experience.  I was intrigued to see what similar correlations the Spanish nightlife had in