Albania’s Tourism Campaign ‘Taken’ a Step too Far?

There has long been a principle in marketing which says there is no such thing as “bad publicity”. A long list of celebrities dethroned for their public transgressions would disagree with that

Investigations Continue in Wake of the Fatal Ethiopian Aeroplane Crashes

The cause of the second tragic crash of a Boeing 737 in the space of five months remains a mystery as investigations into the sudden nosedive of both planes continue. Emerging evidence suggests that

Aer Lingus Lead in Right Direction to Refresh Uniform Rules

Aer Lingus have removed their mandatory rules for female cabin crew to wear skirts and make-up. Prior to this, female employees of Aer Lingus were expected to wear make-up as well as style skirts for

Japan Shuns Tourism in Popular Locations Despite Increase of International Visitors

Popular tourist sites in Japan have started banning large groups of non-Japanese tourists following the restrictions placed on visits to Nazoin Temple’s famous Buddha statue in May 2016, as

An International St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland’s most famous feast day is just around the corner, and, just like the Irish themselves, St.Patrick’s Day celebrations can be found in all corners of the globe. Here’s how other

Airline Flybmi departs for Good Due to Brexit

British regional airline Flybmi has filed for administration and has cancelled all of their flights according to a statement released by the airline on Saturday the 16th of February. The airline is