The Top Five TV Couples To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Are you sick of men treating you badly? Are you tired of girls never texting you back? Having problems with your significant other? I have an easy solution, one that doesn’t involve discussing your feelings or drunk texting your ex after a night out. Fill that romantic void in your life by living vicariously through fictional characters! I have a definitive list of the best TV couples (this is entirely my subjective opinion, so don’t hate). So, why not curl up in bed with some popcorn and watch some small-screen romances blossom?

Warning: there are plot spoilers for Gilmore Girls, Lost, The Office, Friends and BoJack Horseman ahead.

1. Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

I think it is all safe to say Luke was the best man in Lorelai’s life. Christopher may have been charismatic and handsome, but his disappearing acts soon grew thin. Luke was always there for Lorelai, and was basically Rory’s father figure. He always gave Lorelai coffee, he extended her house when she didn’t want to move out, he even bought her car a new engine just so she could keep her old Jeep. Steady and dependable, his surliness and sarcasm soon become endearing to Lorelai. I was rooting for them always, and when Lorelai married Christopher instead of Luke I felt like snapping my laptop in half. I was so happy to see Lorelai and Luke living together and getting married in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Also, I am not even going to touch Rory’s love life with a ten-foot pole. All I will say is that I am Team Jess.

2. Jim and Pam from The Office.

I honestly thought I was going to die if Jim and Pam didn’t get together. When Jim kisses Pam at the end of Season Two, I was practically screaming at her to end her engagement to Roy. He was an objectively terrible partner. Cutest moments include; Jim’s secret Santa present of the teapot and drunk Pam kissing Jim in Chilli’s at the Dundies. When they started having marriage problems in the last season, and managed to work it out, the world was right again. Pam worries that she and the kids are not enough for Jim, and he tells her she is more than enough and creates a spectacularly cute video montage of their best moments, and hands her the note from the teapot that he kept all these years! They also move on with their life by moving to Austin where Jim joins a sports company. Pam and Jim are definitely a team we can all get behind!

3. Sun and Jin from Lost.

Forget Kate, Sawyer and Jack’s love triangle, Sun and Jin were the couple I cried the most over. Jin appears to be a very controlling and cold character at the beginning, but through Lost’s clever use of the flashbacks, we really get to know Jin. The societal pressure that he is under to measure up to Sun’s family’s expectations lead to their marriage problems. Sun is no saint herself, she cheats on her husband and fears she is pregnant with this man’s baby. However, what I love most about this couple is how they know they are not perfect and they both make an effort to work on their relationship. I think this is a more realistic portrayal of relationships. When Jin gets blown up and Sun leaves the island, I cried for an embarrassingly long time. Luckily, Jin was not dead, and him and Sun are reunited. Of course, Lost is a distressing show which loves to kill off characters, so Jin and Sun meet a sorry end. At least they die in each other’s arms.

4. Diane Nguyen and Mr Peanutbutter from BoJack Horseman.

While Mr Peanutbutter may not be the intellectual match for Diane, there is no doubting his love, loyalty and kindness to her. Mr Peanutbutter is arguably one of the most wholesome characters out there. They actively work on their marriage and also agree to make reproductive choices that are right for them, with Mr Peanutbutter supporting Diane when she decides to get an abortion. She might not always show it, but she says to him “you are the best thing that ever happened to me.” They do argue and are very different people, but usually they come out the other side, with their love triumphing over all. Note: I haven’t seen the latter half of Season Four yet, and if this couple get divorced, I will be so mad.

5. Monica and Chandler from Friends.

Of course, I had to include Friends’ best couple. Rachel and Ross have nothing on these two. Their relationship was built on the back of their friendship, and it naturally evolved over time. Chandler learns what it means to be in a real adult relationship and Monica is finally treated with respect and finds someone who wants the same things she does, marriage and a family (unlike Richard). Their wedding is adorable, and when they face fertility problems, they work together to get over their sadness and choose adoption. Their bond is strong, and they manage to survive a long-distance relationship for a while before Monica encourages Chandler to finally quit the job he has hated for so long. Chandler and Monica went from friends to husband and wife, and definitely remain one of my favourite pairings.

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