The going out guide for students in carlow

Don’t let the image of a small country town make you think that Carlow has nothing to offer, because there is such a great nightlife in this town. 
Just last year The Foundry nightclub was voted best nightclub of the year for 2014. 
One of the main things that makes Carlow a good spot for going out, is how close everything is. All venues are within walking distance from each other. If you’re not enjoying one place, just cross the street and it’s on to the next.
The main place to go is Tullow Street, where you’ll find the majority of students all during the week.
Tullow Street has the three most popular places to go on offer. These are The Foundry, Tully’s and Scraggs Alley. 
The Foundry has student nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s only €5 entry with the chance of winning yourself a place on the guest list through their Facebook page each night. 
If you’re looking for a typical nightclub scene, then this is it. Mainstream music is the majority of the DJ’s playlist, but you’ll find some serious oldies and many other types of music thrown into the mix throughout the night.
One great quality of The Foundry is their ‘Aldi Bar’. This is the bar that you want to go to. We’re talking about vodka and a dash for €4.00 and a bottle of beer for just €3.50. 
Tully’s is a bar like no other. With live music or a pumped up DJ, there is always a crowd at this place.  Tully’s is the kind of place where you go for a nice quiet lunch, but end up staying there all day. 
If you are looking for a simple, fun night out where you have the option to sit and chat over a pint or dance your feet off then Tully’s is a must. 
Scragg’s Alley is both a pub and nightclub. The nightclub, Nexus, is open on Mondays and Tuesdays so if you just can’t wait until The Foundry is open, this is the place to go. With only a €3 entry fee, how can you go wrong? 
Scragg’s Alley is also a place to head to before The Foundry. Their pub is the perfect place to go to for a few drinks and some music before you go all out. 
You can also find live music here which always gathers a great crowd. With great space and, again, the option to sit and relax or dance this is a great place to visit.
The Med Bar and The Barracks are two other great places to be visited and can also be found on Tullow Street.
If your aim is to get away from the messy, drunk crowd then these are the places you should go. They are slightly pricey, but if it’s sophistication you are looking for, these are a must.
If none of these venues sound right for you, then check out some of the local pubs situated around the town such as O’Loughlins Bar or The Teach Dolmen and many more. 
Options are one thing you most definitely have when choosing to go out in Carlow.
Photo: The Foundry Nightclub Carlow/ Facebook