The Five People You’ll Meet on Irish Public Transport

Us students spend our lives on public transport. If you’re lucky and it takes you one hour to travel to college, then you’re on the bus for only ten hours of your week.

Irish public transport is akin to a treasure trove. You’ll never know what or who you’ll find. Here are the five people you’ll meet on public transport.

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The conversationalist 

This person could talk for Ireland. You don’t know them, you’ve never seen them in your life but they somehow manage to strike up a conversation and make it last for the entire journey. That being said, some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had have been with total strangers on the bus.

Depending on the day and your mood this can go either way. Usually, you won’t mind, but when you have to have that reading done by today and you only have the next forty minutes of your journey to complete it, just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.

The loud talker 

Why oh why must you shout. Also, is it really necessary to have your loudspeaker on? The entire bus can hear your conversation and we now know your feelings towards ‘Sandra from the office’. As interesting as it may be to your friend, the rest of the bus is over it.

I can appreciate that sometimes we have to speak up because the noise around you can be quite loud but need you be 5000 decibels over everybody else?

The seat hogger 

Ah yes, there are no seats left but you feel your handbag deserves a seat too. Looking out the window will not save you. I’m tired too girl, I’ve had a long day. I was in college for 8 am because I was trying to get my essay done for 1 pm when it’s due. I had a triple class and then a double class and I can promise you I had no coffee break.

I am taking that seat if it means I have to sit on your bag. End of story.

The window dictator 

I’m afraid it’s not down to one person to open or close all the windows. If you’re sitting beside a window then that is your window, and you can decide its fate. But closing or opening all the windows on the bus is not your decision.

Unless it’s take two of the heatwave we had in July then I have no pity on you. It’s 4 degrees outside and although you might not feel the breeze from where you’re standing, I’ve resorted to wrapping my scarf around my face.

Headphones Hilda

Headphones Hilda wants everybody to know what she is listening to. Or does she?

Oh, you like 90’s trance? Good for you, we don’t all need to hear it. Especially after a long day of listening to other people talking at you. It’s hard to tell if she knows what she’s doing. Should I tell her? I’m listening to my own music and I can still hear yours.