The Five Kinds of Student Shoppers

November means one thing – exams are coming and shopping season has officially begun. For most of us, this means frantically trying to finish off assignments before its time to study, and hunting down the best deals.

Black Friday is coming up in just two weeks time on November 23rd. Campus has teamed up with Vodafone X to bag students some great discounts. Switch to Vodafone X this Black Friday and get €40 off selected smartphones AND a free Google Home mini. Find the offer here!

Easily spotted are the students who keep organised, the bargain hunters and the last minute usual suspects. Here are the five kinds of student shoppers you’ll see this winter season.

Last Minute Liam

Last minute Liam is your typical laid-back student until they realise they have one day to get absolutely everything done *frantically googles gift ideas for her*. While he might have limited time, he surprisingly gets it all done. No matter how many times you tell him he can easily avoid this panic, he never EVER listens.

The Bargain Hunter 

These very determined deal grabbers would do almost anything for even the smallest discount. Hey, who can blame them? Student life is expensive. These students have been planning for Black Friday deals for weeks now. They’ve collected all the discount codes possible. They’ll always tell you about the sweet deals they’ve bagged and you’ll usually be sorry you weren’t as forward thinking as them. For all of our students, and especially our bargain hunters we’ve bagged you some great discounts. This Black Friday, Switch to Vodafone X to get €40 off selected smartphones AND a free Google Home Mini. Find the offer here!

The Smug & Organised

This student is an avid list-writer. They take joy is making small ticks in their planner as they get things done wayyyyy before they need to be. This student is also a bragger. Oh, you have all your Christmas shopping done already Carol? Great, thanks for reminding me you have your life together while the rest of us do not.

Online Olivia

Online Olivia spends 80% of her paycheque shopping online. This student never ever hits the high streets and prefers to shop from the comfort of her home by flicking through pages and pages of items on her smartphone.

Blow-it-all Bob

To be fair, we have all been a blow-it-all Bob at some stage. However, there are few of us that consistently remain in this category. Blow-it-all Bob rushes out immediately after his receives his paycheque and spends it all in quick succession. They then live the remainder of their month pushing the boundaries of their overdraft, if of course; they’re lucky to still have one.


What kind of student are you?