Take five: dublin’s best student bars

1. Cassidys Bar, 27 Westmoreland Street

As this year’s winner or the City Bar of the Year, Cassidy’s provides the perfect student haven nestled halfway down past the bustling traffic of Westmoreland Street. With the odd mix of roaring fires, graffiti-encrusted walls you’re encouraged to contribute to board games and Clint Eastwood films, it’s the ideal place for a cosy night in with all your friends. Check out the downstairs lounge which offers foosball tables and a notoriously crowd-pleasing soundtracks, and grab a pitcher of Blue Moon and a couple of couches with the crew.

2. Capitol Dublin, 18/19 Lower Stephen’s Street

If you’ve a taste for cocktails but the bank account of a philosophy graduate, Capitol on a weeknight is the place to be. Located conveniently between Aungier Street and the top of Dame Street, Capitol is within walking distance of most DIT campuses. Choose from their pretty extensive range of cocktails which you can get your paws on two of for only €6 every weekday from five to eight. As it also tends to be a stop-off for the nine-to-five set, it’s a great place to pop into after lectures to meet your grown-up employed adult-type friends, sip of a chilled mojito and lovingly make fun of seeing them in office attire.

3. Against the Grain, 11 Wexford Street

Another one for beer lovers, Against the Grain offers a huge selection of craft beers, some of which may only be on offer for a limited time. One of the few student-friendly bars that does
good food too, it’s a great place to stop off for tasty bites at the start of a night out. The staff are also said to be hugely knowledgeable and more than capable of pointing you in the direction of your ideal beer.

4. 4 Dame Lane

Although its downstairs section consists of a series of high leather booths facing a bar, its converted attic style loft upstairs makes for a unique laid back vibe on a Friday or Saturday night. With pretty decent DJs, a well-stocked bar and fashionably low tables and couches, the upstairs of 4 Dame Lane is as close as you’re going to get to a New York party near Temple Bar for the older students amongst us.

5. PMacs, Stephen’s Street

As the brain-child of those responsible for the best-friend’s sitting room vibe of Cassidys, P-Macs is like its older sister, offering the same variety of craft beers and free crisps and sweets. With its mismatched furniture and low lighting, it’s just as cosy and an equally comfy place to grab a drink after a long day’s lectures. Beards and thick-rimmed glasses seem optional, but are probably encouraged.