Nui galways gets set for literary convention

NUI Galway will host the Writers’ Society’s third annual Literary Convention this Sunday from 11am-5pm.   Ruth Sweeney, Auditor of NUI Galway Writers’ Society, said the event is going to

Rag weeks? are we giving ourselves a bad name?

The year is 1969, and it’s RAG Week in UCD. Four students, seeking to live up to the storied history of the event, are somehow able to sneak into the Montrose television studios of RTE. Their prize

Halloween in carlow: going out guide

Halloween is my favourite day of the year. The minute the 1st of October hits, to me it’s Halloween, and this year even though I’m a college student, it’s no different. If you were to ask me

Dcu: an array of clubs and societies

Looking back on my first two years in DCU, I can wholeheartedly admit that dedicating time to societies in college, has been one of the best and most worthwhile decisions I have made at talks to acid jazz pioneers, brand new heavies

Brand New Heavies, pioneers of the Long acid jazz scene Founded by Jan Kincaid, Simon Bartholomew and Andrew Levy, Brand New Heavies was formed in the London suburb of Ealing in 1985. The vocal

'laughter is the best medicine' - a play written by christopher moran, and reviewed by patrick o'byrne.

  ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ – A play by Christopher Moran, reviewed by Patrick O’Byrne.   Written by first year student Christopher Moran, this play shows very