Saying yes to college balls

One thing I regret in first year of college is saying no to college balls. Whether it was the annual college ball, a Christmas ball or a Summer time ball I just said to myself ‘there is always next year’ so I didn’t end up going and that’s by far my biggest regret as a fresher. If you talked to anyone who went to any type of college ball, they would tell you they had a blast.
The number one thing people who I talked to said about the college balls was the lead up to them. For us girls, the novelty of wearing a ball gown, having our hair and makeup done makes us feel like Kendall Jenner walking the red carpet. After all, who doesn’t love the glamourous lifestyle? The feeling of wearing a dress just makes you want to re-live deb’s night all over again.
Another thing people told me that they love about college balls is the ‘mighty craic’ at them. From the delicious dessert to the music popping to meeting new people, there is something about a college ball that you can’t experience in a night in Coppers on a Tuesday. College balls really have a lot going for them and always manage to sell out. College balls are also another huge factor to college life itself.
College balls in some colleges can be affordable ranging from €35 and above and no girls, you don’t need to splash the cash on an expensive gown, as the likes of ASOS and Missguided have great deals going for dresses. College balls really add to your college experience as a student, because in ten year’s time, will you be able to stuff a piece of chicken in your mouth while dancing the night away? Highly unlikely you will, so you need to make the most of it now.
For college balls to be a success, order your dress in time or have that suit sorted. There is nothing worse than the added stress of not knowing what you’re wearing two days before the event takes place. Plan plan plan, that is my advice. Don’t be looking for a last minute appointment to get your hair or makeup done, as you might not get sorted at the last minute.
Another reason why people feel the need not to go to college balls is because they feel they need a date in order to go on one- lies. You don’t need a date; just to go. Get a great bunch of friends together, order your tickets and just go with the flow. You certainly don’t need a date to go on a college ball. This requirement is not essential.
So if you haven’t planned on going to a college ball, you may do so now. Don’t live with regrets, live with memories, because after your college experience is up, all you will have is the best memories shared with great people. Whatever ball is coming near you, attend and have an amazing time at it.