Part-time Work at College Has Advantages and Disadvantages

College comes with a lot of expenses between books, transport and nights out in town. The best way of keeping up with your expenditure is by finding yourself a part-time job.

Firstly, finding a part-time job as a student is no hard task as the retail sector and hospitality industry are constantly looking for young workers with flexible hours who won’t demand much above minimum wage. As students, we somewhat look for a similar deal in not overly demanding jobs that work around our timetables.

All in all, it’s a win-win for everybody. Places like fast food restaurants, cinemas and bars are perfect places for students with nine to five college days who want to earn a bit of money on weekday evenings. If you’re doing a course that has very few hours per week and perhaps gives you one or two weekdays off you should have no problem finding work in clothes shops, cafés, and newsagents. Most places are happy enough to even just let students work weekends to give their full-time staff a break.

The disadvantage is finding a good balance between college and work which can lead to stress and tears if not handled correctly. They key is to not overload yourself either way.

At the start of the college week, you should make yourself a schedule of all the assignments and study you need to do that week and which days they should be completed. Once you have your roster for work and know what times and days you are needed in work, you can set yourself deadlines for college work. The biggest mistake is to leave everything to the last minute if you plan your week correctly, you can go to work knowing that you’re on top of your college work and you will even have time to binge watch Netflix without feeling guilty about it.

Another disadvantage is depending on your management and your role of being ‘flexible’. It’s important to remember that although you were most likely hired because you’re a student with flexible working hours, most bosses will not see you as a student first and foremost.

To them, you are their employee and they expect you to put your job first. That comes with asking you to start early or finish late and an expectation that you will take on extra shifts when asked. Always remember that as a student, your education and wellbeing comes first. If the job stops working for you, you should stop working for the job. There are plenty more out there to choose from.

Part-time work can teach you things you were never taught in secondary school or are not taught in colleges such as the value of money and independence. Even if you’re lucky enough to not need to earn money to support yourself, the experience is worth so much more. Having a part-time job is life changing and gives you great independence.