Ones to Watch: Lost Boys

The 4-piece band from County Limerick called Lost Boys are performing outside of their usual home across the country in Whelan’s Dublin today, Friday, 21st of June. Describing themselves as an Indie Pop band, Lost Boys get a lot of inspiration from Old-School Pop music, combining it with Modern Indie music which gives them a refreshing and unique sound.

The gentleman who make up the band are Peadar Storey, aged 22 on vocals and guitar, Patrick O’Donnell, aged 22 on drums, Michael Meleady, aged 23 on vocals and guitar, and Peter Corbett, aged 22 on bass guitar. According to bass player Peter Corbett, the members of Lost Boys “have all known each other for a very long time” prior to the establishment of the band. Some members have already had experience of performing as a band when they were previously known as A Weekend Away.

Photo by: Sinead McCarthy

“We’ve all known each other from different circles in Limerick, but what made the majority of us close was the time we spent in Music Generation Limerick a couple of years ago.” Corbett said. “After a number of years playing together in A Weekend Away, we decided to go to in a different direction genre wise and brought Michael Meleady in, which definitely made all the difference in the world.”

This change in genre was a reexamined process with the guidance of their producer Gary Duncan of Red Lake Studios which put them on the path they’re on now.

Playing in Whelan’s is a nice change for the band who have previously played in Stables Club in the University of Limerick and Pharmacia in Limerick City. Michael Meleady spoke about the band’s feelings of the iconic venue. “We’re so excited to be playing Whelan’s all together for the first time. We’ve played there at different stages with other bands but never as the Lost Boys. It’s a great venue and is always packed with music lovers searching for new artists.”

Lost Boys have a lot of love for their hometown County Limerick, saying that it is ‘such a core part of their identity’. “All of us grew up in different parts of the county and most of us have gone to college here.” Corbett continued, “When we were teenagers we were art of Music Generation Limerick which had a great focus on staying true to who you are. It was this ideology that shaped the way we write and create.”

When talking about the support they have had so far, the band have been very grateful for those who have checked out their music released so far such as “Over and Over”, “I’m Not Awake Right Now” and their latest single “Sleeping Alone”. These songs are available to stream on Spotify.

“It’s really kinda surreal having other people listen to our music.” Storey gushed, “Playing at a gig and seeing people sing your lyrics back to you is probably the best feeling you can have as a musician. We’re really thankful for all the support we’ve had so far.”

The Whelan’s gig is not the only upcoming gig for this Summer for Lost Boys, they will be playing Costellos Milk Market Bar on Friday, 28th of June and are currently in the process of recording an EP to be released this September. The other gigs they have yet to announced over the coming months are ‘top secret’.