Nights Out

Your Rag Week Survival Guide

This morning I woke up with part of a fake plane in my purse, a lipstick I found on the club floor and two hotel soaps in my back pockets, along with a raging headache. Such is the tale of a morning during the most infamous week of college around the country: rag week.

Students all over Ireland will be waking up in a similar fashion. Different assortments of items in pockets, some waking up with a stranger in bed, or in a stranger’s bed, some with no recollection of the night before, and others with a missing shoe. The common denominator between all of the people? Excessive consumption of alcohol and the aches and pains that come with it.

Hazy, crazy, and drunken nights become soberingly clear mornings – mornings still packed with college responsibilities amidst the week-long hangover. Now, an obvious answer to solving the morning blues would be to skip the night out altogether, and though we don’t promote drinking, rag week is a staple of youth and college culture that would be a shame to miss out on. So for the people clinging to one of the country’s greatest vestiges of youth, read on for our advice on how to survive the week by maximising fun while keeping your pride and productivity still (somewhat) intact.

Stay organised.

The most important tip is to stay organised. While it might seem counterproductive – how can you be wild and spontaneous if you’re organised?? – putting in a wee bit of extra effort before the big night will help prevent catastrophes such as getting locked out of the apartment or buying one two many rounds of tequila shots.

Make a checklist of important items for the night: keys, I.D., cash, and a fully charged phone are the staples. Make sure to bring only the items you need (except for some sweets, you’ll thank me later). Also consider taking cash instead of a bank card – that will make it harder to overspend.

Set up a little station next to your bed for the return home. Have a spot to drop your wallet and keys so you can find them the next day, and put some pyjamas close by. Make sure you mimic a regular nights sleep so you aren’t as thrown in the morning. And don’t forget ladies, put the makeup wipes next to your pillow. There’s nothing worse than a white pillowcase smeared with eyeliner and foundation.

Next to the arrival station, make a hangover recovery station. Some easy to eat food, like bread, some paracetamol, and bottle of water will be just what you need at daybreak. After that, lay out some clothes for the next day to get a few extra minutes of sleep.

Pace yourself.

Of course, when it comes to actually drinking, do monitor yourself. It’ll save you from any potential regrets. Space out your drinks, and drink a lot of water. Don’t force yourself to down any drink just for the sake of drinking. Always stay together in pairs or groups, and make sure all friends are accounted for.

Heed this advice and both enjoy rag week and keep up with college. Stay safe, and have fun!

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