Nights Out

What You Should See In The Cinema This Weekend

With rumours of snowing hitting our Emerald Isle this weekend, it’s probably best to stay safe and warm inside – the cinema. Here’s what should be on your “to-watch” list this week:

You Better Watch Out:

If you’re like me then you too probably cannot get that Christmas tune out of your head. But this is not your token Christmas film. It’s a Christmas Carol about a babysitter who must protect a boy from an increasingly sinister home invasion. The Purge meets Home Alone in this thriller starring Dacre Montgomery and Olivia DeJonge.
You can see the trailer here. 


The animated tale of a bull’s tentative steps in to the bull fighting arena. It is as close to Gladiator meets Toy Story as you’re likely to see this year and features the voices of former WWE star John Cena (who recently starred in Daddy’s Home 2), Kate Mckinnon, (have you seen the latest Saturday Night Live sketch with Saoirse Ronan?) and David (Dr. Who) Tennant.
See the trailer here.

Blade of the Immortal

Manji is an immortal samurai who must avenge the deaths of Rin’s parents in an effort to regain his soul. But the mission changes Manji in ways they could never have imagined.
Have a look at the trailer here.


The true story of endurance athlete Jerzy Gorski. A fascinating love story of one man’s struggle with addiction and the women who helped him to overcome his demons in the most unbelievable way.
Watch the trailer here.