Nights Out

Your Foolproof Guide To Standard Drinks

When you’re on a night out ordering your next drink, you’re probably not thinking about how many grams of alcohol are in each drink, or if it equals a standard drink. You’re more than likely looking forward to getting back on the dance floor with your friends, than keeping count of your alcohol units.

While we all have that one song that just drags us back to the dance floor – it’s actually a really good idea to make sure you know how much alcohol your drink has.

Many people think that one pint, or one glass wine, equals to one gram of alcohol, no matter the size of the glass. However, just because you are drinking a glass of wine, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a standard drink.

A standard drink is a measure of alcohol. According to Drink Aware, one standard drink roughly equates to 10ml of pure alcohol, which generally takes the average person one hour to process.

This means that one standard drink can come under many guises. For example, one 100ml glass of wine and one 35.5ml shot of spirit both equal one standard drink, even though they’re both different sizes.

Drink Aware states that for women, the recommended guideline is 11 standard drinks spread out over the week, with at least two alcohol-free days. For men, it’s 17 standard drinks spread out over the week, again with at least two alcohol-free days.

Here are some tips to make sure your drinking stays within the recommended guidelines and to make sure you stay yourself:

Some drinks are stronger than others
Make sure you know the alcohol percentage of the drink you are drinking. As the alcohol percentage may vary from drink to drink, it’s important to know how strong your drink is, as this will affect how many standard drinks you should consume.

Keep an eye out for measures
Some bartenders may free pour glasses of wine or spirits, but sometimes this can lead to pouring more than the recommended amount. It is always a good idea to use a measure when pouring you or your friends’ drinks.

The size of your glass is also not always indicative of a standard drink, so when it doubt, measure it!

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