Nights Out

A Guide To Enjoying Yourself Safely On A Night Out

College nights out can be some of the best nights of your youth, as long as you’re surrounded by the right people and know how to properly look after yourself.

When you go out with your college pals, you want to make the night a memorable experience that you can look back on fondly, rather than a confusing blur that’s full of regrets.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for staying safe on a night out and ensuring you have the best time possible.

Stay in a group
The best tip for staying safe on a night out with college friends is to stick together. As the saying goes, ‘there’s strength in numbers’. Typically, a group of three is the perfect amount to head out in.

Look after each other and remember that it’s okay to intervene if your friend looks uncomfortable in a situation or if they’re getting too drunk.

Decide on a meeting point inside or outside the venue you’re at, just in case you lose each other during the night – this is especially important if you’ve just moved to the city you’re going out in and you’re unfamiliar with it.

Watch your drink
Never leave your drink out of sight on a night out. It’s definitely easy to get distracted when you’re having lots of fun, but sadly there are people out there who will target unattended drinks.

You can avoid this by drinking from bottles, keeping your hand over your drink, or asking a friend to keep an eye on it if you need to pop out for a moment. Remember, there’s strength in numbers!

Know your limits
Make sure you have something to eat before drinking alcohol, and don’t be embarrassed to drink at your own pace, even if it’s slower than somebody else’s.

A good tip is to have a glass of water or a soft drink in between rounds to prevent getting too drunk unexpectedly, or having a killer hangover the next day.

It’s important to bring enough cash with you on a night out to cover all your expenses. Most importantly is cash for your transport home.

You can check fare estimates for taxis on the MyTaxi app, or you can check the prices of buses and Nitelinks online. In the case of an emergency, try to organise a backup arrangement with a friend who will let you stay at their place if you can’t get home.

Once you employ these tips, feel free to let loose in other ways. Whether it’s crazy dancing with friends, or chatting away to new people, you’re bound to have a brilliant night!

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