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Prosecco: The Latest Drink Trend

Almost everyone dreams of a life of wealth and luxury: a bottomless bank account, sprawling mansion and glamorous nights out. The appeal of a millionaire lifestyle is something most people can only dream about and spend most of their days striving towards. Even the smallest taste of an opulent life can be enough to make those dreams feel like a reality, even if it’s only for a second.

The fantasy of the lives of millionaires usually includes imagery of people popping bottles of the finest champagne with reckless abandon. But for those who are pinching pennies, especially students, even one bottle of champagne is a real splurge.

Enter prosecco.

The internet has gone prosecco crazy lately, just off the heels of a gin obsession. Much like champagne, prosecco is fizzy, fruity and delicious. But, unlike champagne, prosecco is actually affordable. Most bottles can be found at around the ten-euro mark, making it an absolute steal.

Most frequent users of Facebook and Instagram may have noticed that prosecco is popping up everywhere, and in every form. We’ve now seen prosecco cheese, 3 litre bottles of Aldi prosecco, a Christmas jumper designed to hold specifically prosecco, prosecco advent calendars, and so much more. Yet, what exactly is fuelling the internet obsession with the drink?

The low price-point is definitely an attractive aspect, but prosecco is actually “easier” to drink than champagne. It has a fruitier, sweeter taste as the fermentation process isn’t as complex as it is when making champagne. Prosecco is also a very fun word to say.

Still, does the cheap price point and drinkability warrant the gaggle of prosecco products and accessories popping up all over social media as well as local stores? A bottle of prosecco, a bellini or an Aperol Spritz is a nice treat, but who exactly is going so far as to buy prosecco flavoured cheese?

The question brings up a wider topic of trends. The internet seems to affect on people the way that lunch time chats did in secondary school. The second one ‘popular’ person found something cool and desirable, so did the rest of the kids, regardless of the genuine merits of said “thing”. With the constant publication of articles promoting prosecco, could the obsession merely be stirring up the secondary school self in those who have followed the trend? Or is prosecco really that great?

Certainly no one should be judged for their love of the affordable and delicious fizzy drink, so pour away prosecco sipping friends! And if prosecco cheese actually strikes your fancy, let us know!