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Campus ones to watch: THUMPER ‘(You’re bringing me) down.

Here at we like to keep our readers up to date with the latest in trends in music. This week on’s one to watch we had a listen to Dublin based noise-pop quintet, THUMPER and their new track ‘(You’re bringing me) down’. Their new single, produced by Dan Fox of Girl Band, is a lo-fi production that has listeners hanging onto every hook and beat.

Their sound is 90s house rock meets bubblegum pop, this track will send waves. Listen to it with your speakers turns up loud, this isn’t just a track to listen to solo. I’d recommend listening to the seven-minute long version although there is a radio cut available too. It’s a pop-rock fusion that will without a doubt be played on repeat, the lyrics in this track appeal to the inner angsty teen in all of us.

Want more from THUMPER? You can check out their latest over on SoundCloud

These guys are playing Hard Working Class Heroes (HWCH) 2018, in Workmans this Friday

To find out more, visit their Facebook by clicking here.

Photo credit: Raised by Wolves PR