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Why you should binge watch hbo series girls

A TV Show with a simple name like Girls can give illusions to a plot involving a group of women bitching, gossiping and spending their free time at Starbucks or shopping. I assure you, this is not Sex and the City, Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls. Written, directed by and starring the incredible crafty Lena Dunham, this show is much more than painting toe nails and partying in New York.
Starring Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Adam Driver, Girls accomplishes a lot in terms of showing what it is like to be a real woman in the twenty first century. The show tackles mental health issues, finance, friends, relationships, finding out what you want and who you want to be.
This is the perfect show to watch while you are still in college as the characters problems are very relatable to us students who are still getting used to adulthood. It’s refreshing to have a television show like Girls that is perfect for the age group attending college. Shoshanna is still studying her degree and her procrastination with studying is worth a giggle.
By far it is one of the easiest shows to binge watch. The plot begins lightly enough to watch in large quantities, but is also intriguing enough to keep viewers entertained. Each of the main characters are diverse enough to attract the interest of audiences. Shoshanna (Mamet) speaks very frankly and quickly, usually the best at summing up how stupid a recent fight has been or explaining a difficult situation.
Jessa (Kirke) is beautiful, tall, bohemian and bold. She floats on through life without getting too concerned about life issues, as you will see quickly in season one. Marnie (Williams) studied art in college and struggles to meet the standard her wealthy parents expect from her. Hannah, played by Dunham, is a writer, self-absorbed and has her own mental issues, all of which are revealed throughout the three series.
As the show progresses, more male characters  are introduced as love interests and friends. Character development is interesting with the opposite sex offering a different perspective on issues in the show, not to mention the heart throb Adam (Driver).
What is most admirable about Girls is that it does not portray the journey into independent adulthood as something simple and full of self discovery. There are many relatable episodes where one of the characters are down in the dumps after a fight, making the wrong decision or feeling a lack of confidence in themselves.
The show is hilarious, offers a realistic image of sex when your chubby thighs wobble in an embarrassing way. Pop culture is done perfectly, from over sharing online to stalking your ex on Facebook. Did I mention that Chris O’Dowd makes an appearance?
Season four aired on the 11th of January to open arms and greedy eyes seeking their comedy fix. There are three season of thirty two episodes at thirty minutes each, which is nine hundred and sixty minutes. Altogether that is sixteen hours, quite feasible I must say if one were to, perhaps, binge this show.
Check out the trailer for season one here:
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