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What To See In The Cinema This Week


As the college semester draws to a close, we hope your stress levels ahead of exams and final essays are not too high. What better way to wash the stress away than by catching a film with friends this week? Here’s a few we picked out especially for you.


There is an essence of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair (who remembers Cruel Intentions, or its lesser known sequels?) in this drama from Cory Finley about two upper-class teenage girls from Connecticut who get reacquainted after some years apart. They soon hatch a plan to solve both their problems – no matter the cost. Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) and Olivia Cooke lead the cast. The film also stars the late Anton Yelchin (Star Trek).

See the trailer here.

Pitbull. Ostatni Pies

This Polish crime thriller sees a mafia war break out after Majami’s criminal partner dies. The cops and the crims are busy fighting each other, leaving the door open for the Black Widow to vie for power over the city. The film, which seems to mirror Ritchie’s Rock n Rolla, is directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski.

See the trailer here.

GREASE (40th Anniversary)

Want some Grease Lightning in your life? This week we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the smash hit school set musical about summer love (oh those summer nights) between Sandy and Danny and their respective gang of friends, the T-Birds and the Pinkettes.

See the trailer here. 


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back on our screens again, this time trying to protect his friend George – a gorilla, as George & a wolf and a mutant crocodile, rampage across America.

See the trailer here.

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