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Tommy tiernan’s new chat show gets rave reviews

When I heard Tommy Tiernan was getting his own chat show, I thought the execs at RTÉ had lost their minds but I was proved wrong. The new show has been branded by one Twitter user as “fantastic” and many claiming it’s the future of chat shows. Filmed in the famous Studio 4, home of the Late Late and Ray Darcy Show its doesn’t fail to disappoint.
The concept of the show involves Tiernan being filmed in front of live studio audience, not having a clue who his guests are going to be. The hilarious part of this concept is when the comedian really doesn’t have a clue who the person is. He has the gift of remaining comfortable and its doesn’t come across awkward. It’s basically like Tiernan coming to your house for a cup of tea.
I can’t lie; when the show first aired, I refused to watch it as at times I found the comedian’s humour quite brash. Many passed remarks to me about the show, so I said I would give it a chance. The first guest to appear was TV and radio presenter Ray Darcy, who was well known to Tiernan and this came across extremely well on screen. The interview gave an indebt to Darcy’s personal life. It was like Tiernan was meeting Darcy in the pub for a drink and brought a camera crew along; that’s how natural it was.
The second guest(s) to appear on the show was the Crimmin Triplets. Not a clue? No me neither, so you can imagine what Tommy thought when he met them. So let me fill you in on these amazing looking triplet models from Dundalk. Their first break on TV came when they appeared on ‘School Around the Corner’ hosted by the late Gerry Ryan. In later years, they rose to international fame by their images being published in the New York Post. Again, the interview was carried out very professionally but yet laidback with the added addition of a less brash version of Tiernan’s humour.
The fourth and final guest to appear on the show was Richard Baneham who is well known in the animation world but again Tiernan hadn’t a clue. The interview was handled very well and Tiernan used his gift of comedy to help him through.
The reception on social media has been phenomenal with one viewer calling for Tiernan to take over the Late Late Show. That I couldn’t see the bosses at RTE approving but who knows, we all thought there would be no president Trump but yet we were wrong. Something tells me though, Mr Tubridy has nothing to worry about just yet.
It’s not all roses for the show with one other viewer saying “What moron decided to give Tommy Tiernan his own show on RTE? They have literally no ideas. Another viewer posted their frustration on twitter tweeting “Tommy Tiernan has his own TV show now? Are there no depths that RTE won’t sink to in order to fill an hour of their schedule?”
The show continues on Thursday at 10:15 on RTE ONE with repeats airing every Sunday night.