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Tomb Raider: Review

Still reeling from the disappearance of her father Richard, Lara Croft is thrust in to taking ownership of his estate and Croft Manor. Determined to find out the cause of her father’s disappearance, she sets out to find the secrets of a hidden island off the coast of Japan.

This latest imagining of the Tomb Raider saga brings us a much softer, more vulnerable Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) than Angelina Jolie’s version from the early 2000 films. The CGI stays true to the video games but it is Vikander who carries the film as she battles her demons and dangerous mercenaries. score the latest instalment of Tomb Raider with a mediocre 50%, calling it an “aggressively average adventure.”

The Guardian’s resident critic, Peter Bradshaw, scores this tale 2/5 stars, stating “Vikander’s Lara Croft is a badass bore.”

I would have to disagree with Bradshaw here. I thought the flashbacks of Richard Croft (Dominic West of The Wire and The Affair fame) with a young Lara, was a useful tool to show Lara’s motivation thus carrying the story forward. The theory that it does little more than that is irrelevant.‘s Paul Whitington calls this film “ a poor Indiana Jones rip-off without the deadpan humour”.

Again, I would have to disagree. I haven’t seen any Indiana Jones films for a long time, but the tomb’s hidden traps in this film merely remind me of the stunts from the franchise we have all come to know from the video games and those Angelina Jolie/ Simon West projects from the early 200’s.

There’s also no Gerard Butler or Mr James Bond, Daniel Craig, in this outing either. I would score this film an 8 out of 10. It is above average, it is paced well and the supporting cast are decent. The one thing that baffled me was that big jump from the sinking ship you can all see in the trailers.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t really go anywhere. There’s no big jump on to a cliff edge to get on to the island. Lara just jumps in to the stormy sea. Why the big dramatic run and jump? You would have to ask the director or perhaps the stunt co-ordinator.

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft is in cinemas now. You can watch the trailer here.