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‘those responsible’…for the blues

In an age of manufactured by the dozen, cheap as chips pop acts it can seem as though more wholesome music is difficult to come by. 
That would be the case were it not for the ever growing music scene in Dublin. 
Some of the bands in Dublin began in music colleges like BIMM, others in garages when teenagers first found rock and roll and the rest crawled out of somewhere with lyrics, chords and riffs for days. 
One of these bands is the blues quartet, Those Responsible. 
Formed in September 2012 the band consists of Declan Mooran on guitar and vocals, Shane Meagher on harmonica, Jacob “Quack” Dunlop on bass and Faolán Collins on drums. 
Declan and Shane first met in college in UCD where they crossed paths at various open mic night events. 
After some laid back jamming with Faolán and Jacob it was decided they could become a properly formed band. 
However not each member began on their respective instruments. Faolán for example originally began playing guitar. “My sister actually got the drum kit for her 14th birthday,” Faolán said. 
“I tried guitar first but eventually I just started playing drums and it worked. 
“Even Jacob’s first bass guitar used to belong to my sister.”
Their influences range from the classics such as a Led Zeppelin and BB King to the heavier electric blues rock stylings of Cream and The Who. 
Shane is undoubtedly one of the bands many strong points particularly when seen live. 
A well-played harmonica can sound as sweet as any concerto or strings section but with a rusty, gutty undertones. 
He credits older influences for inspiring his interest in the often overlooked instrument. 
“I’d take a lot of influence from the old country and Chicago blues harmonica players like Lil Walter and Charlie McEvoy.”
When the inevitable modern day remake of The Blues Brothers comes around Shane will be near the top of the list for the role of Elwood Blues. 
When they aren’t wowing audiences across the country or in the studio recording new material Declan and Shane are both working full time and Jacob and Faolán both attend the Newpark Music Centre studying the BA in Jazz Performance.
As for their latest self-titled EP, its four tracks of hard rocking, bluesy goodness. 
Fresh modern blues music is mostly credited to bands such as The Black Keys but its good to be reminded that a new generation are attempting to make their own slant on the century old genre. 
The EP was recorded in Dublin’s Bow Lane studios with help of Daniel Fox, bass player for Girl Band and by engineer and mixer Jamie Highland. 
Not afraid to try something that’s honestly quite different, it was a felt another layer, another warm, velvety texture was needed somewhere. 
A sitar line was the answer and it can be heard on the track “Patron of the Arts”. 
The first track from the EP can be found online on the bands YouTube page at the time of writing (October 7th). Check it out below. 
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Physical copies will be available at the EP launch gig in Whelan’s on Thursday October 8th, with support from their fellow bluesmen, The Dead Sets, tickets are €5 on the door. 
For €8 the admission cost and a copy of the EP are covered.
More info HERE.