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The star is rising for sunset sons

Sunset Sons are a four piece rock band hailing from both the UK and Australia. They are currently residing in the French town of Hossegor and have recently recorded their debut album in Nashville, Tennessee. 
I recently spoke to one quarter of the band, Jed, who was in the back of a van in Germany, travelling from Berlin to Munich as we spoke. 
He laughed explaining that he is always in a van travelling somewhere when doing interviews, such is the lifestyle, and added that that’s the reason he does it. 
Sunset Sons are without a doubt covering a lot of ground and clocking up the miles. This travelling path promises to bring the band to Dublin on May 9th, to the stage of Whelans.
Regarding the history of the band, I learned that they all met in Hossegor, which is just north of Biarritz in France. “I was there because I was teaching surfing and living in my van and bumming around really. I had a friend who was travelling and I went to visit him and the night I was there, Rory who is our singer, was doing a little show. We had a few drinks and watched him and we got chatting afterwards and just hatched a plan. We decided to form a band and try and make a bit of money,” Jed explained. 
They subsequently met the other boys in the same bar. Pete was behind the bar and Rob they got through a mutual friend. “We needed a guitarist so we found him on Facebook and told him loads of lies. We told him we would make loads of money,” he joked.
I asked him whether the band name was in reference to their unanimous love of surfing. “The funny thing about the name is it actually came from me,” he explained, elaborating that he thinks all the best band names sound like a gang.
“I thought Sunset Sons was quite cool and I said it to the boys and I told them to live with it for a few days and that it would make sense, and now we have built ourselves around it. I think with a band you have got to find the name and then it catches up to it.”
Sunset Sons have been receiving high praise indeed. The EP The Fall Line was released on March 8th via Polydor. The track Medicine was hailed song of the day on BBC Radio 1. “We are getting a lot of love; it went to number one on the iTunes rock chart when it came out and we have got lots of love and support on the radio,” said Jed, adding that, “we can notice it at the shows and you can never get bored of people singing back your song at you.”
Talking next about gigs, the band have sold out dates in London and Manchester under their belts, and now have eight more dates on the horizon in May, one of which being Whelans here in Dublin on the 9th and a London date at Scala on the 12th.

Jed admitted that he can’t wait to come to Dublin and feels that he has a small history with Ireland, as his birthday is on the same day as Saint Patrick’s Day. 

The last time he came to Dublin was to see Bruce Springsteen and it rained so much all day. “He came out and played Who’ll Stop the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival and it stopped raining, it was amazing,” said Jed.
Jed outlined that the four of them came together out of the love of surfing as a hobby and I wondered if surf music had a great influence on them. Rock great and fellow drummer Keith Moon of The Who, for example, cited surf music as a major influence. “No,” he replied, “people say it sounds summery and we wrote a lot of the songs in a very summery, sunny place. Generally as a rule, if we have a little play in the morning, it is better than the afternoon,” he added. 

“We come from all different stuff. I love The Beach Boys, but I don’t really think that comes through in the tunes. We just get in a room and start an idea from somewhere and just follow it and see where it goes. I suppose if we like it twenty minutes later we keep working on it. That’s where our songs come from.”

Next our attention was turned to the debut album recorded in Nashville. “We spent six weeks in Nashville and got back about a month ago and it was an amazing experience,” said Jed. 
“We worked in a studio called Blackbird Studio, which is pretty much one of the best studios in the world. It was an incredible experience and crazy to think that in the space of a year we went from playing in a garage to recording in this studio. It is recorded, but there are a few little touches that we need to do to finish it and it comes out at the end of the year.” 
As things are progressing for the band very rapidly, I ask Jed if it feels surreal. “It is a funny one,” he responded, adding that sometimes he worries that it has all happened so fast that he can’t really remember it. “It certainly is very exciting, but I try not to think about it too much. The venues are getting slightly bigger and we get that excitement and buzz going on, with people singing the songs.
“We never want to be a band that just stands on the stage, our shows are full-on get together parties. We have a load of festivals coming up too. We are doing Glastonbury, we are really excited about that, Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and festivals in Europe that we have never really heard of, but it’s amazing as now we are travelling around Europe. It will be great to watch other bands too as we don’t really get to see many.”
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