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Ted – film review

If you like Family Guy then there is a lot you'll love about TED the movie.

This is Seth MacFarlene, Family Guy creator’s brainchild, and he runs riot here with the jokes. It’s got quality laugh out loud moments, great cameos and enough Mila Kunis eye candy to have you walking away a happy man.

Followers of MacFarlane’s Family Guy will recognize many of the tropes here (MacFarlane’s co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild are both from the series). There are the flashback or digression scenes that turn bizarre: Lori(Mila Kunis) recalls her first meeting with John as an embarrassing nightclub accident where he was attempting to break dance and smacked her on the head. He recalls it as a combination of An Officer and a Gentleman andSaturday Night Fever.

Also there is an extra long fight in this similar to Peter Griffin in Family Guy fighting the Chicken!

Scenes in which Wahlberg sits around getting high and riffing with the ever-inappropriate bear are the movie’s highlights.

Wahlberg is surprisingly good which is a big help, no crappy acting like in M Night Shimalayan’s atrocious “The Happening here. Mark Wahlberg, reverting to his homegrown Boston Southie accent, plays John Bennett.

The story is fairly straightforward, basically Wahlberg’s Missus (Mila Kunis) wants him to grow up and ditch the Teddy but Ted keeps on persuading back out on the session. Wahlberg’s childlike outbursts are winning, and the bear’s a triumph. There are some great scenes and enough laughs to hold your attention but it does kind of drag towards the end.

They probably could have shaved 15 minutes off this no probs and the film wouldn’t have suffered whatsoever.

Ted looks proper real thanks to great CGI. The strong points are the scenes in which Wahlberg sits around getting high and riffing with the ever-inappropriate bear, which thankfully there are loads of.

Most enjoyable film I've seen since 21 Jump Street. Harmless viewing and well worth a watch. Go see.