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Super 8 – film review

And rightly so; with a director/producer team like JJ Abrams (the, lets face it, genius behind Lost and Star Trek) and Steven Spielberg (the genius behind… every other film), we were bound to be delivered an awesome summer blockbuster. And I’m happy to report that that’s what we get- an awesome spectacle with the added bonus of an actual storyline.

The film revolves around Joe (Joel Courtney), the son of the town deputy police officer who, after the tragic death of his mother, spends his days helping his friends to make a zombie movie to enter into a film festival. After enlisting the help of the beautiful Alice (Elle Fanning) to act in the movie, the kids go to a train station to film, only to witness a huge train crash caused by a teacher driving onto the tracks. But this was no ordinary train crash, as people, animals and electrical items all start to go missing around the town. Being the only ones who truly know what is happening, Joel, Alice and their friends set out to uncover the mystery and save their town from extraterrestrial attack.

It may just read like just another sci-fi plot, but Spielberg and Abrams have brought a nostalgic, childlike feel to the movie- the whole late 1970s setting, plus the images of kids on their bicycles made me think strongly of E.T. But don’t be mistaken, because this definitely isn’t an old-school film, with stunning visual effects that don’t just wallop you over the head to show how much money they’ve spent, but that actually contribute to the quality of the film.

They really struck gold with the young cast, who all deliver brilliant performances, particularly Chandler and Fanning. The other young actors have great comic timing and chemistry, and make sure that the film doesn’t descend, like so many others, into an explosion-fest.

If you want a sci-fi film with great special effects that will make you feel like a kid again, make sure you see Super 8 when it comes out in August.

4/5 stars