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Review: mockingjay part two

Francis Lawrence directs the star-studded cast, who have gained world recognition since the first Hunger Games movie, on their final adventure through the Districts and into the Capitol as the rebellion comes to an intense conclusion. 
Everdeen (Jenifer Lawrence) along with her friends is leading the charge on the Capitol and ultimately President Snow, but when the intentions of Coin (Julianne Moore) become unclear, Katniss doesn’t know who she is fighting for or who she can trust.
As the Capitol is turned into a pseudo arena with “pods” on every street corner ready to kill whoever set it off in some horrible contraption, the team led by Katniss plough through the streets of the once formidable Capitol.
Having the final installment of a franchise split into two movies is almost obligatory in Hollywood today but if ever a book needed just one movie it was Mockingjay. 
The pace of the movie was slow and at times even the dialogue was less than engaging. 
As the movie portrays the struggle of the oppressed, it is, at times, not as fictional as you may think. The battle between the rebel and the Capitol to control the media is a very real battle in areas of oppression.
Katniss struggles with whether she truly loves Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) or Gale (Liam Hemsworth), she struggles with whether or not to trust Coin and she faces internal destruction as she mourns those who have died to save the “Mockingjay”. 
Action in the movie is sparse but still impressive, with the greatest compliment to the director and movie-makers being, even if they didn’t keep viewers enthralled throughout, they certainly brought to life every description given in the novel. 
Overall, Mockingjay Part 2 is worth a trip to the cinema if you have followed the franchise, as most of the viewers would have, but it is by no means an amazing ending to a franchise which has been hugely successful.