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Review: ed sheeran at croke park

Performing in front of 80,000 fans is no light feat, however Ed Sheeran made it look like a walk in the park. Last Saturday night was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and I’m sure it’s one of the best I’ll ever go to.
Travelling up to Dublin was dreary, but leaving at 7 am was well worth all the shopping we got to do. Going into all the shops along Grafton street, it seemed every second person was talking about how good the concert was going to be that night and how good the night before had been. 
Although it was a 30 minute walk from the city to Croke Park, when we finally did make it to the venue, the atmosphere was spectacular. 
There were thousands of people walking around with their Ed merchandise and their overpriced beer and I for one soaked up the whole concert atmosphere.
The actual wait for the concert to start proved to be the hardest part, because even though we had both James Lawson and Bell X1 playing, the anticipation to see Ed sometimes got to be too much.
However both supporting acts were spectacular, Bell X1 in particular. They sang some of their most famous songs and it was really an environment that people of all ages could enjoy.
Then it came time for Ed himself to show up. It was about 8.15 when myself and a friend noticed the influx of security over on the left side of the stage. There were at least 25 people walking around in yellow jackets and then Ed wanders out in a red checked shirt and a towel over his shoulder. 
People around me started to stand in the chance of catching a quick glimpse of him, but after a fast meet and greet at the side of the stage, Ed disappeared again while sound check guys made sure everything was in order. 
Nobody knew what was happening until all of a sudden one of Ed’s home videos started playing on the big screen. Clips showed him playing the piano, guitar and even showed up to his most recent gigs in 2013.
Then the man himself appeared on stage, no backing singers, no drummers or guitarists and no big affairs, just him and his guitar. After assuring us that he was in fact playing live, he launched into one song after another, leaving the majority of fans wowed by his vocal range. 
I remember leaning over to my friend and asking her whether or not he was going to breathe again anytime soon. 
It wasn’t just songs on his guitar he played either, but he rapped, sang some of his more dance-able songs such as Bloodstream and Nina, and as well as that, I recall one fond moment where he started to rap along to Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy”. 
It was about 9.30 or so when there was a commotion above where we were sitting and saw John and Edward Grimes (or famously known as ‘Jedward’) going crazy, jumping about the place just over our heads on the balcony. 
They weren’t the only ones either. The crowd in the pitch were going mad and most people who had seating tickets were on their feet dancing as well. 
It was after this that Kodaline came on and wowed the whole audience with a few of their songs and two of the highlights of the night were when the whole group sang Molly Malone and then Kodaline’s bassist Jason Boland proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Etaoin Corr. 
Talking about how she had been his best friend since they were five, I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the audience. 
After a while, Ed unfortunately said that this would be his “last official song of the night” before leaving the stage and coming back in his Wexford jersey in honour of his granny. 
His last song turned into 15 minutes of him singing non-stop. If you hadn’t been a fan going into that concert, then you sure where when you were leaving.
The vocal range and musical talent of Ed Sheeran is phenomenal and there are 160,000 fans now who can prove that. 
Even though I know that he won’t be back performing in Ireland for a good while again, I honestly can’t wait to see him live in the future. 
I’ll definitely be seeing him again, in fact I’ll probably be one of the first people queuing up!